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8/21/13 1:21 P

Actually, I find strenuous hiking reduces my appetite for many hours. And I simply cannot eat while hiking as even a handful of trail mix or some such makes me nauseous. Unfortuntly my HRM was on the blink. Guess I'll have to get it repaired and do the hike again! :)

DASHKATH Posts: 862
8/21/13 5:33 A

There is less oxygen at higher elevations so it will be more challenging. I don't know that you rally burn anything more than hiking at a lower elevation.

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8/20/13 3:36 P

Researchers have conducted some very interesting studies to determine if a person burns more calories being active (or even sedentary) at higher altitudes.

This ia a really interesting article from Wired magazine.

From what I've read, a person does burn more calories while exercising at higher altitudes. However, the catch 22 is that same person may be eating more food because the increased calorie burn causes greater cravings. increase the amount of activity you do and your body requires more energy for fuel.

How many more calories did you burn in that two hour hike ? Unless you were wearing a Body Bugg or some other calorie measuring device, there is no way to know for sure. It'll be a rough guess-timate at best.

Even if you burned say 2,000 calories, you may have been so hungry after the workout, you need to eat 2,000 calories. I know that when I do intense exercise, I'm ravenous afterwards. but do check out the article. it's interesting.

MAUREENGULIZIA SparkPoints: (362)
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8/20/13 1:55 P

Just curious. Yesterday I did a couple of hours of hiking pretty rugged terrain in the Chiricahua Mountains in Southern Arizona. The trails I hiked varied from 6000 to 7000 feet elevations. I did OK with the trails, but the elevation made it much more difficult. Does exercise at a higher elevation burn more calories than the same exercise at lower elevations?

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