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2/25/13 12:31 P

Thanks, I'll book into see my doctor.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,451
2/25/13 5:47 A

I agree with the previous poster that your best bet is to get it checked out by your doctor. Continuing to push through the pain/discomfort is likely to make the problem worse.

Coach Jen

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2/25/13 4:10 A

"I think I maybe tore my ..."

That is a Stop Statement.

We have to stop here. Sorry, it would be completely inappropriate and potentially dangerous for anyone who hasn't examined your injury to even attempt to offer advice.

Please see a medical professional.

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2/25/13 2:49 A

Can anyone give any advice on this? I jog every few days and I have a yoga practice, so am quite active. I think I maybe tore my hamstring tendon a little a while back when touching my toes and recently I seem to have developed issues with the tendon on the other side. The recent injury is worse and inflamed. I think it's because I had to rest after giving birth and lost a lot of strength and then when I started to get active again maybe my body was not the same. Should I stop running? It doesn't hurt when I run. Is hiking okay? How can I help it to heal, has anyone else had this?

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