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ATHENA1966 Posts: 3,017
4/27/14 6:32 P

We were really poor. I remember how embarrassed I was when the school bus stopped in front of our house. The front door had a big hole in it and the yard was horrible. I did not fit in with any group. For some reason one of the popular girls liked me and eventually her mom adopted me. I was definitely a misfit.

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4/27/14 6:18 P

I was painfully shy and a loner. I was socially developmentally delayed. A real misfit.

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4/26/14 9:50 P

My whole family was unpopular and very shy, and sometimes bullied. I was not bullied much in high school, and did earn a reputation for being "smart." Kids would sometimes steal my homework out of my locker to copy.

Most of my family was overweight. I weighed around 160 when I graduated and 170 at age 19, over 200 at age 29 after having my third child. Now I weigh around 120 and have been in that range for 8 years.

It seems like being smart was not a negative stigma in my class. In fact it was the one thing I felt respected for. I went to a very small school. I will say I am one of those "kids" who loves going to class reunions and I have never missed one. Out of my class of 50 graduates, I am the only one with a Ph.D. and well, I'm 55 and wear a size 3. Most in my class are surprised that I am now more outgoing and rather successful compared to most from that town, anyway.

ANDILH Posts: 1,430
4/26/14 10:00 A

I was a total band geek, and also hung out with the "goth" kids. It was the beginning of goth, and mostly was comprised of kids angry at the mainstream who liked to smoke pot and wear a lot of black.
People wanted to pick on me, but they were afraid of me. They never knew if I was really the sweet quiet person I was most of the time, or the person who could smack down a bully. I'd done it twice before. I wore a hip to ankle brace that kept my leg straight for 3 years (5th-7th grades), and in 5th and 7th grades I beat the crap out of bullies with my brace. In 7th grade my neighbor also handled a bully who was physically assaulting me almost everyday with zero response from the school. People were afraid of him before that, but after that everyone left me alone. Apparently 2 fights that I easily won were enough to get me through high school, since no one bothered me ever. Of course, that fact that I walked into the school taller and stronger than most of them could have had something to do with it as well.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 14,359
4/25/14 6:24 P

I was just an all around odd ball.

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BANKER-CHUCK Posts: 5,902
4/25/14 6:06 P

The only stigma I had was a little hard of hearing on my right side. While on dates, in the car, I was afraid my date would notice or I would miss something she said.


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4/25/14 5:38 P

getting pregnant was an absolute disgrace -- other stigmas that I can remember were living in the poor area of town (which I did), taking the bus (didn't have own car) and not wearing designer clothes (even back then). I graduated from high school in southern california and it seems like the rich vs the poor was pretty rampant at my high school...

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4/25/14 4:40 P

I guess my stigma was that I was a nerd because I was an honor student, but look at how far this nerd has come!

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SHERYLDS Posts: 13,137
4/25/14 4:25 P

I was overweight (what else is new) but I didn't care about fitting in.
I had plenty of friends that were 'misfits' and we still had fun...probably because we complemented each other. There was always someone who had my back.

I have to say ... I found the 'misfits' had more character...they weren't caught up trying to be perfect, so they always seemed more genuine.

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4/25/14 2:58 P

I guess it would be extreme shyness back then.............friends were also shy and quiet. And kids back then didn't wear their underwear on the outside.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/25/14 1:35 P

mmmm looking back I wore my stigma like a badge of honour. Since I have the same stigma, I still do ;)

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4/25/14 12:45 P

My favorite responses to these kinds of threads are the ones where people try re-write the outcome, lol!

I graduated in 1980 from high school and in my four years there I was a band geek (drummer) but I was also one of those greasy Led Zeppelin black shirt wearing guys who did "bad" things like skipping class and smoking.

I didn't like school very much except for band, orchestra & choir which were the only reasons I went every day. Did I get picked on? Sometimes but most of the "popular" and/or "Jock" types were afraid of the kids like me I think it was because we always were dingy looking and maybe they thought they'd catch something, LOL!

High school was okay for me. The stigma of being both a band geek and a stoner-type maybe not have helped me at the time but I look back and would NOT do them any differently then what I did, I think it made me who I am today.

Stupid stigmas.

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