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1/29/14 12:19 P

I'm vegetarian, so a lot of meat-based proteins aren't options for me. Like others have mentioned, I eat eggs, lowfat cheese, yogurt, tofu, soymilk, beans/lentils, etc. for protein.

For a quick protein boost in snacks or meals, I love whey protein powder (I get "body fortress" on amazon for about $15 per giant 2lb-cannister; Whey protein is the protein in milk). I buy both vanilla flavor (which I add to oatmeal and fruit smoothies) and "cookies & cream" flavor (tastes just like chocolate, and is perfect when blended with milk or soymilk for a high-protein shake...). You can also mix it into other things, like making high-protein pancakes, high-protein peanut butter oatmeal balls, etc.

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1/28/14 12:13 P

hard boiled eggs

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1/26/14 4:21 P

cottage cheese with apple slices.

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hard boiled egg
turkey slices and cheese wrapped in lettuce

1/25/14 11:36 A

I have a half-ounce of almonds almost every morning. You can have them raw, salted, roasted, however you want them. A half ounce is about 12-14 whole almonds and if you have them with a cup of tea, it's a filling snack.

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Have you considered adding more protein to meals? I have seen this eliminate the desire for snacks in some people.

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1/25/14 11:10 A

Here's some info you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

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1/25/14 6:28 A

Smoked turkey breast
Smoked fish
Cheese bites
Nuts and Seeds (Pumpkin, Squash, and Watermelon Seeds, Peanuts, Almonds)

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1/25/14 4:51 A


Just a question for people who have way more experience than I do. What are some suggestions for some high protein snacks? That seems to be where I have the most trouble. I stay within the guidelines for carbs and fats but can't seem to meet the protein. What are some easy, high protein snacks that I can take on the go with me or just have handy?

I really appreciate any suggestions!



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