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5/22/14 5:08 P

To help make sense of some of the numbers:
100% = 18 milligrams of iron
And the Tolerable Upper Intake Level for iron (for safety) is set at 45 milligrams.

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WILLIAMS1851 Posts: 83
5/22/14 1:44 P

I think the WIC answer is most likely. Thanks. I looked it up and iron and sugar levels are the only items listed in their brief description.

I am not concerned about my iron levels. I was just curious of the reason for high iron in the cereal.


5/22/14 10:58 A

While too much iron can be an issue (since it builds up in the body), you have to also consider that there are two types of iron: heme (from animal sources) and non-heme (from plant sources). While heme iron is easily absorbed by the body, non-heme sources are not as easily absorbed. The amount absorbed from non-heme sources can be increased when they are eaten with something containing Vitamin C, or decreased when they are eaten with something containing calcium.

Cereals can be fortified up to what seems like a huge amount, but are generally eaten with milk, so a good bit of the non-heme iron will not be absorbed by the body.

I would recommend that you have your doctor test your iron and ferritin levels next time that you are in to see if there is an issue with you having too much iron stored. If not, then you are obviously not absorbing enough of the "extra" in your foods for it to be something to worry about.

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MISSRUTH Posts: 4,094
5/22/14 10:02 A

For a cereal to be included in the WIC program (it's a governement food program for women, infants and children; hence the initials WIC), it has to be iron fortified. So I reckon that explains the iron in Cheerios.

I'd suggest you try something else for breakfast, instead of 2 cups of Cheerios. Maybe one cup of those, and then something else. A slice of toast or something.

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WILLIAMS1851 Posts: 83
5/22/14 7:42 A

Every time I run a nutrition report, the amount of iron is high. My goal is 100-150 and I end up over than. I believe most of that comes from iron-fortified cereal. For example, this morning I had 2 cups of Cheerios and hit 90 percent of my iron just with that.

It seems odd that there is so much iron in breakfast cereals.



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