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8/25/14 11:44 P

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By the last few 30 second HIIT's, I have my heart rate up usually to over 150 bpm! Bonus - it's not hard on the knees!

This sounds really good! On my non-running days, when I feel the need for something low impact, I usually do a hill interval program on the crossramp trainer.

This HIIT routine sounds great though - I shall give it a go next time I have a non-running day.

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8/25/14 4:51 P

Weighted hill hiking! I did a ton of hikes this summer with elevation gains of 1000-3000 ft and wow! Burned calories big time. Plus added a lot of muscle. not just in the legs but everywhere.

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8/25/14 11:36 A

I do a routine called Peak 8 on the elliptical - warm up for 3-5 minutes then go all out as hard and as fast as you can for 30 seconds, slow it down for 90 seconds, then do another 30 seconds - alternate until you've done 8-30 second high intensity intervals then cool down for 5 minutes. You'll have a good high intensity workout in less than 30 minutes. By the last few 30 second HIIT's, I have my heart rate up usually to over 150 bpm! Bonus - it's not hard on the knees!

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8/25/14 8:52 A

There are great high intensity, low impact DVDs out there. I have knee issues too and these give me no problems with my knees but leave me sweating and breathing hard!

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8/25/14 8:37 A

Thanks for your suggestions. With my tendonitis I am giving up my newly started jogging.

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8/24/14 6:05 P

Cycling, swimming, elliptical, and the rowing machine are great low impact exercises that could also provide a high intensity workout.

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8/24/14 12:06 A


Using a backpack adds stress to the joints over not using one. Although I agree that there is less impact than running.

If you want to add intensity to walking, you are better off adding speed and hills/incline, rather than more weight.


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8/23/14 11:14 P

Walking, especially if you use a light, weighted backpack (10 lbs) is very good cardio, but much less stress on the joints than running.

Cycling is even better still, whether you do stationary or real-world cycling.

Swimming and aqua-robics are probably the ultimate low-impact exercises, and they are excellent cardio.

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8/23/14 9:38 P

The impact of running is hard on the body, and it takes time for your leg muscles and tendons to adapt to the stresses and impact of running. If you are new to running, I am not surprised you are feeling it in your knees.

You should aim to build up a solid walking base (2-3 months) before attempting to run. And then the best way to transition into running is through a Couch to 5K plan - these plans work through progressively increasing intervals of running and walking.

In the meantime, each 1% incline on the treadmill adds around 10% to the effort. Maintaining a brisk walk at 10% incline is actually pretty good exercise (double the intensity of walking at the same speed on the level), without the impact of running.

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8/23/14 8:54 P

I do the treadmill and vary the speed and incline to get my heart rate up. You can also do the elliptical which is gentle on the knees.

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8/23/14 5:36 P

any type of cycling, swimming, kettlebell swings, elliptical are all examples of low impact cardio that can be made high intensity.

As for your knees aching, and for so many days, you may have run with improper form and your shoes may not be suitable for running.

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8/23/14 5:00 P

What are effective high Intensity low impact exercises? I ran on the treadmill on Monday at 4.5 mph and my knees are still aching on Saturday! I need a good workout to burn calories without a lot of impact on my knees.

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