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4/12/10 5:00 P

Thanks for the great ideas. This is just what I needed: concrete specific examples. Once I have an example, I can experiment myself, but I need a good starting point.

TWINMOM01, I will definitely check out that book.

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4/12/10 2:06 P

This is a typical breakfast for me:

Trader Joes Greek Yogurt (nonfat), 1 cup
Blueberries, fresh, 0.25 cup
Fiber One Honey Clusters (1 cup), 0.5 serving
Soy Dream Soy Milk - Enriched, 0.5 cup
Almonds, 12 almond

Total protein: 31
Total fiber: 10

I almost always do some variation of Greek yogurt, cereal and fruit. Sometimes I add dried fruit and nuts, sometimes I have two kinds of fresh fruit, and the cereal varies. But that's the basic formula. Having a lot more protein and fiber first thing works for me.

TWINMOM01 Posts: 189
4/12/10 11:56 A

My typical breakfast is

2 egg whites
1 serving of Steel Cut Oats
higher fiber/protien bread source (lately it has been either Natures Own or Thomas's 100 Calorie Multigrain english Muffin) with about 1/2 serving of real butter

It comes out to about 200 calories - 13 grams of protien and 4-8 grams of fiber (4 for oats and 8 for the muffin)

but it sticks with me so I am not hungry until lunch time + it has complex carbs which gives you energy for the 1/2 of your day - I eat breakfast at about 6:45 and lunch at about noon - if I do get hungry I will snack on half a serving of almonds mid-morning...

I highly recommend skimming through Master Your Metabolism - it has some great information about basic nutrition and how to adjust your diet to reflect good food choices.

YIYEHTOV Posts: 794
4/12/10 11:40 A

I hope it works for you! And just for the record, I put everything on the yogurt except for the coffee and the milk... those I drink separately :) This breakfast is really satisfying and easy to mix up with different kinds of fruit and nuts. I also actually really like it with a chopped up apple and pecans!

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4/12/10 10:33 A

Thanks a bunch, YIYEHTOV. That really helped. When I first read where you said the yogurt fruit and such kept you fuller longer than the omelette, I thought "oh my, that will never keep me full" but then I saw how MUCH stuff you eat for breakfast and I thought "No wonder. That sounds like a really great and filling breakfast. I will definitely try it and see how it works for me.


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4/12/10 8:36 A

thank you for sharing

YIYEHTOV Posts: 794
4/12/10 8:32 A

What I'm pasting below is my typical breakfast, and I consider it pretty high fiber and high protein... I just thought you might find this useful as a point of comparison. I don't think you necessarily need to aim for a specific number, but just try to make sure that you eat a breakfast that gets you on the right track for you overall nutrition goals each day. I completely agree with Hopelessromantic that you should figure out what works for you, what you enjoy and what helps you feel full for a while. For me, something about plain yogurt with fruit and rolled oats does the trick, while an omelet and toast will leave me hungry in a few hours. Good luck!


P.S. I do everything in grams because that's easiest for me in my kitchen scale, plus I live in a country that uses the metric system. Just for reference, 150 grams is one container of plain yogurt, the 5 grams of raisins and nuts are only about a tablespoon each, that's a whole banana, a bunch of strawberries, and a bit less than a quarter cup of rolled oats-- I just eat rolled oats raw on my yogurt, like a meusli. It's yummy!!

Raisins, 5 grams 15 4 0 0 Remove
Walnuts, 5 grams 33 1 3 1 Remove
Instant Coffee, 12 fl oz 7 1 0 0 Remove
Milk, 1%, 0.25 cup 28 3 1 2 Remove
Yogurt, Bio 1.5% (plain), 150 gram 74 6 2 8 Remove
Whole Rolled Oats, 20 gram 67 12 1 2 Remove
Banana, fresh, 93 grams 86 22 0 1 Remove
Strawberries, fresh, 103 grams 31 7 0 1 Remove
Breakfast TOTALS: 341 56 8 15
(Calories) (Carbs) (Fats) (Protein)
Total fiber: 9 grams (1 gram from yogurt, 2 grams each from rolled oats, banana, and strawberry)

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4/11/10 11:50 P

emoticon HOPELESSRMANTIC, that helped alot!

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4/11/10 11:20 P

Main 3 meals is about 400 cals. But be careful, of fat, sodium etc. I use the meal plan as a guide. Do not check the box next to the food. Click on the food and it will show you options.

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4/11/10 11:08 P

You can start off just breaking it up evenly and seeing how that makes you feel - if it keeps you full through lunch, then don't worry about "high fiber, high protein."

If, however, you're breaking your meals up evenly but finding that you are getting hungry between breakfast and lunch, then you might want to consider high fiber/high protein. An example of a "high fiber, high protein" breakfast would be having a serving of Fiber One cereal or oatmeal or whole grain toast (there's your fiber) and a greek yogurt or egg whites or even low-calorie turkey bacon (protein).

As far as food goes, if you're staying in your calorie and nutrient ranges, it really doesn't matter when you eat what. The reason people will advocate a certain eating style is because, for some, a particular style will help them feel full for longer, which manages hunger and prevents overeating. However, if you're staying in your calorie and nutrient ranges comfortably, you don't have to worry so much about the composition of each individual meal, as long as you hit your targets overall each day. Hope this helps!

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4/11/10 10:16 P

Ok, so eating a high fiber/high protein breakfast is one of the goals I have chosen to attempt to meet. However, I have no idea what is considered high fiber/protein for breakfast.

I know how much I should aim for in a day, but I can't find the best ways to divide it up. For instance: If I eat five small meals should it be split evenly at 20% per meal? Or should breakfast have a higher percentage? How does this work?

I'm feeling very frustrated with this as I've spent 30 minutes googling it, with no results. I just don't know if I have the mental power for all this nutrition stuff.

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