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9/10/12 2:52 P

My Gastrointerologist suggest Metamucil...I figured I could just eat more fiber, but this did not work out....even eating bran and flax I was not getting enough to help my diverticulitis. I now take 3 Metamucil capsules a day. Metamucil is working great and I wish I would have taken Drs advice sooner instead of trying food sources.

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9/8/12 9:26 P


10/9/11 8:28 P

fiber helps alot! I try to take in a good amount at breakfast and lunch, it helps me eat more sensibly for dinner and snacks too. Make sure you are staying away from any foods that cause a flare, but other wise increasing fiber is a big help!

10/8/11 9:05 P

My husband has this illness. My sister-in-law told me to cut up the following: red, yellow and green peppers; carrots; broccoli; cauliflower; onion. Put them in a lasagna pan and sprinkle with herbs. I used Mrs. Dash and a lot of other spices in the cabinet. If you like tomatoes, cut them up and throw them in. My husband does not like tomatoes so I pureed tomatos without the seeds in a blender and poured it over the veggies. Cook in 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes. He absolutely loved them. There was enough left over for at least one or two meals during the week which made my life easier. I just have to cook the meat!

He was also told no white products such as bread, pasta or rice. Brown rice, whole wheat bread or double fiber breat and only wheat pasta to eat. The wheat pasta takes a bit getting used to as it is so much heavier on your stomach. You get used to it eventually.

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10/20/10 8:34 A

I have some leftover butternut in the fridge waiting for lunch! emoticon

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10/19/10 8:15 P

mmmmmm forgot about squash...butternut is my favorite !

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10/19/10 5:15 P

I'm not familiar with that ailment, but I did want to point out a couple good fiber sources: oatmeal, hard squash (such as butternut or pumpkin), sweet potato (especially with the skin), lettuces, celery, edamame, and quinoa. If you've never had quinoa, it is a kind of grain that cooks similarly to rice, but has more flavor, more protein, and more fiber.

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10/19/10 5:15 P

Don't worry, adding fiber to your diet is easy !

Whole wheat instead of white bread
High fiber cereal like oatmeal & raisin bran
Another good choice is Kashi cereals , Kashi crackers and Kashi snack bars
Brown rice instead of white rice
veggies veggies veggies
fruit fruit fruit ( especially apples and pears with the skin on )
Baked beans are good so are split peas and lentils
Salad is great too along with the typical tomato and cucumbers, add some green peppers and celery.

You don't need specific recipes, just add fibrous foods to what you normally would eat.

10/19/10 4:50 P

Well, high fiber mostly means fruits and vegetables, the less you cook them the better. The green leaf veggies are great, like spinach, turnip greens any of the lettuces. Also, Broccoli and cauliflower, sweet potatoes are better for you than white potatoes. Oatmeal is great for fiber, but watch how much of the 'goodies' you add: raisens=good but white sugar=bad.

My doc told me not to eat peanuts, but they do not bother me or my husband. My husband can't eat grits without bad pain.

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10/19/10 12:53 P

I am recovering from Diverticulosis. The Dr. said eat high fiber Diet to help prevent future attacks.
Does anyone have specific reciepes for this? I am kida scared to eat anything.

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