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5/6/13 6:31 A

emoticon emoticon

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5/5/13 7:13 A

Good job!!!! emoticon

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5/5/13 7:11 A

Hi and welcome!!! Yes, I use walking and it has helped me lose weight. Of course, I wanted to not walk because of my terrible hip, however, when my hubby lost his job and the only job I could find was one where I would be walking and lifting and about killing myself (or I thought). Now I am seeking an exercise program for my days off. I have a couple. Start slow and enjoy. You will start feeling better and will see the results quickly. I was thrown into mine and saw results within a month. Not just weight loss, but endurance and strength. I went from wanting to sit in the middle of the road kicking and screaming, "this job is going to kill me" to "hey boss, do you have another route for me" in a month. Six months later, I was taking another job with walking. Walking is the way to do when other things are not possible. I enjoy the exercise now and it is showing in my numbers. Blood pressure is better, cholesterol is better, weight is much Hang in there and you will see results and feel better as well.

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5/3/13 10:44 A

emoticon Our bowling team took number 1 last night - last year we were in last place. A little extra effort put us over the top. Do Good This Week. emoticon

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5/26/12 10:23 P

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5/25/12 9:59 P

Welcome, glad your here. Walking should work well. emoticon emoticon emoticon


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5/25/12 2:17 P

Hi Hike2it - I'm so glad you've decided to join us. Good for you to get started hiking! That's awesome.

What are your plans with regards to weight loss?? Have you checked out the eating plans here on Spark People? Also, most of the recipes I've tried are very good. We will be here to help cheer you on!

Try thinking of this weight loss journey in small segments...5-10 pounds at a time. YOU can do this - small steps, just like your beginning steps of hiking!

Best wishes - hang in there!


HIKE2IT Posts: 1
5/25/12 1:25 P

Hi, I'm brand new too! I'm a 1950 baby. I have never been thin except when I was ill! I have always struggled with my weight and have lost and gained so many times. Right now I am about 100 lbs. overweight. I have always enjoyed exercising but now I am so big that it really inhibits what kind of exercising I do. I have recently started hiking on trails that include some steep inclines. I just take it easy right now, plug in some music with my I-pod and keep putting one foot in front of the other! I think I am having some fun! I have noticed that hiking a little bit everyday not only makes me feel better physically, it also chases my blues away! I have recently been diagnosed with Type II diabetes and my doctor feels that if I lose 40 lbs. within the next few months that it will significanly lower my blood sugar. Definetly going to give it a try! I am thinking of trying "Kettlebells" with a light weight.

I'm happy to join Sparkpeople and meeting everyone!

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5/25/12 9:01 A

Hi Mia! You have found the right place. I use walking as my cardio, but I have also added some of the cardio videos that are here on this site. It is also important, and helpful to add some strength training. There are several videos for that as well, you can work at your own pace. Any movement if even for 10 minutes a day is good. Your PT should be able to give you a series of exercises that you can do at home, that are safe for your back. I have found that I am losing at a slower pace, but I am losing!! Welcome!!!

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5/25/12 7:20 A

Mia - Hi! I'm sorry you've had back problems and have gained weight. Welcome to Spark People.

I'm a 1953 baby and have had the up and down struggle of weight since going through the change of life. So while our "situations" are different, we both have struggles.

I have to say for me that making sure I get enough protein each day & healthy fats & carbs are essential. Walking is my main source of exercise. I'm sure I'd benefit from some strength training, but right now walking is it! I've lost 40 pounds since the beginning of the year and hope to lose another 30-40 before the end of the year to be at the weight I want to get to.

SO, it's a journey. AND I'm so glad you've decide to join the journey. Cheer up- get your plan together and start to watch the scale go down AND your back get stronger!!!

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5/24/12 9:55 P

Hi, I'm brand new here! :) I'm a 1950 baby. I used to be thin as a rail until I ran into a back problem. That was about 10 years ago. Since then I've been overweight. I have to loose 50 pounds.I've been trying to find just the right aerobics for me. I'm in physical therapy. My therapist and I both agree the bike and treadmill are out. I'm racking my brain to figure out what aerobic exercise I can do. Could walking be the solution? Have anyone of you lost weight with dieting and walking alone? I sure hope so, because I'm running out of ideas. No pun intended. Lol. If I would loose a few pounds I would feel more hopeful. Right now I feel blah.

Aside from my troubles, I'm happy to have found this place. You guys look friendly and supportive. The Spark program looks decent. I should feel right at home here, soon.

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