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8/21/14 1:00 P


THENEWMEBYDEC SparkPoints: (6,336)
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8/21/14 9:41 A

Thank you so much for inspirational quotes and tips!!

SUEARNOLD1 Posts: 3,357
8/21/14 8:38 A

Hi Corine,

Welcome to SP. You're going to love it here.

Important - take small steps 1st. Track your food - everything - no excuses. It really makes a huge difference. Add activity - there are great tips and video on SP. Go for a walk. It's a great way to clear your mind too!

Check out the teams and challenges.

Remember don't try too much at one time because it can get overwhelming.

Focus and . . . emoticon emoticon
Good luck on this new journey!


8/21/14 8:00 A

No real good tips - sorry but I'm in the same boat and I'm trying to stay motivated and just do it and take it one day at a time

RASPBERRY56 SparkPoints: (219,952)
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8/21/14 7:11 A

Welcome and best wishes!

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8/20/14 9:27 P

Welcome to SP! We're glad you're here!

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8/20/14 7:19 P


KEEBLER1962 Posts: 13
8/20/14 11:55 A

Hi to all:

I am a 51 yr old grandmother of 19 and yes I did teach my children what causes babies. Several of them are adopted.

I am diabetic and am trying hard to get my numbers under control. Looking for encouragement and motivation.

56ROSE Posts: 14,598
8/20/14 11:50 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Corine!

THENEWMEBYDEC SparkPoints: (6,336)
Fitness Minutes: (2,224)
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8/20/14 11:29 A

My name is Corine and my goal is to get down to my pre-baby weight by December 27th!! I have had a bumpy start my first couple of weeks on SparkPeople. I find myself committed and doing good and then the littlest thing will throw me off for a 3 or 4 days and I find myself starting over. Any tips to stay motivated not get off track? Thanks!!

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