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1/18/13 7:55 P

Welcome DANAP2013! You can do it!!!

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1/18/13 1:50 A

Welcome to Spark. This is a great place to be for motivation and support in achieving your goals. I know what it feels like to gain back weight you worked hard to lose. I hit my goal weight in June 2011 and have since put almost all of it back on. Its all about baby steps. Join a few sparkteams that you are interested in, set achievable goals, and don't look back. Use every setback as a stepping stone to where you want to be!

I wish you lots of luck!!

NOW_IM_IT Posts: 4,508
1/17/13 10:07 P

Hi, I'm glad you've joined us!! SP is a great place for support of all kinds, not just wt loss, but also all the stuff life likes to throw at us!!

Be sure to use the trackers and STAY CONNECTED no matter what-maybe check out some teams, I bet there's one for caregivers like yourself, and it really helps knowing others are going thru the same things you are!!

I wish you all the best with your mom and your journey to a healthier YOU!!!


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1/17/13 3:54 P

Welcome to SparkPeople emoticon

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1/17/13 3:37 P

Where do you live in Ohio? I live in Reynoldsburg. I am old myself, 62, and I can identify with staying home all day. I am not working. (I do a little freelance writing.). I think it's really difficult when you're housebound. That's a nice think your doing working with your mom. emoticon

DANAP2013 Posts: 2
1/17/13 1:56 P

Several months ago my Mom's health deteriorated to the point of being put on hospice. Per her request she was brought to my home requiring me to take leave from my job of 12 years to care for her. I am able several times a week to go into the office and work a few hours. During the last few months I've almost gained back the entire 20 pounds I lost before she became ill.

Being home 24 hours a day most days has been stressful to say the least. Along with the financial crunch this has put us in I've been eating too much of the wrong things. Exercise for the most part has to be done in the house as leaving requires planning as my mom is unable to be left alone. Anyone else in a similar situation?

I'm now just 4 pounds away from my heaviest and not happy. Losing this weight will give me something to focus on, something for me. Looking forward to this journey.

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