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9/24/11 5:26 P

Thank you, it surprises me sometimes when I have the energy to keep going. It's like, where did this come from?? LOL, but I love it!

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9/24/11 8:56 A

Hi and WELCOME!!! looks like you have made a great, healthy start!! GOOD JOB!!!

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Fitness Minutes: (2,650)
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9/24/11 6:26 A

Hi my name is Tiffany and I just joined SP Thursday. In the past month, I decided to get off my bum and start living life. So, I have been spending time & contacting family and friends every week/weekend instead of watching TV or reading a book, as well as just being active around the house. In result, I have been feeling sooooo much better! Now that I've joined SP, I can get the rest of my life back on track so that I can be a happy and healthy person. I am really enjoying all the features this website has to offer and am looking to make some buddies to share this journey with. So, how are things going for you guys?

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