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EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
6/8/13 8:58 A

Wow! 29 and with 4 young kids! I'm going to be 41 this year and I'm still single! I have an uncle in Melbourne! Nice to meet you! Don't give up! NEVER give up! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Just keep repeating that to yourself and take it one step at a time.

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
6/8/13 8:20 A

You are NOT a disappointment.

You are an inspiration. You have a big job to do and you are ready to do it! Yes, it will be hard work and it won't happen overnight but you have excellent motivation to do it -- some great kids :) Starting is scary, but it happens in the blink of an eye. I think you have already started, now you just keep going, slowly building momentum. Don't put yourself down for having lost the weight in the past. This is not the "same" weight - it didn't "come back." There were different circumstances, choices, etc that caused you to gain weight. But you have already proved to yourself that you can lose weight.

I started at 112 kgs and lost all of my excess weight and then I did gain a lot afterwards (which I am still losing) for various reasons. You can lose weight again but take my word for it, it's very important to silence those negative "I can't believe I have to re-lose this weight" lines from your internal monologue. You have to give yourself positive messages and focus on what you're doing now -- the first 5 kgs or however you want to do it. Exercise is a fantastic way to become more motivated for weight loss because fitness is a goal in itself and the lighter you get, the fitter you feel, and it's something you can control -- not matter what you eat or don't eat, you can't really control the scale but you CAN control your exercise. I like to set lots of goals - short term, mid term, and long term - all types: weight, body fat, measurements, clothes, fitness, etc. It's winter now... just think where you'll be by next summer if you start now! I got back on track at the very end of summer last year and now summer is approaching quickly and I'm so glad I started when I did. I know you can do it!!

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (563,939)
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Posts: 15,886
6/7/13 9:58 P

Welcome back and the best of luck to you!!!!!

LOVELY_MUMMY SparkPoints: (104)
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Posts: 15
6/7/13 9:31 P

How are u finding it Grammy? Wishing u a great journey :)
Gypsy- thank u :)

GYPSYROVER Posts: 3,240
6/7/13 8:54 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

GRAMMYBRENDA2 SparkPoints: (3,883)
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6/7/13 8:53 P

I started over this week too.

LOVELY_MUMMY SparkPoints: (104)
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Posts: 15
6/7/13 8:50 P

Judy thanks for ur great MSG that has motivated me even more! If she can get back to surfing, then I can lose these kilos. Even if just five I would feel better i know

JUDYAMK SparkPoints: (30,792)
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Posts: 2,241
6/7/13 8:42 P

Welcome to starting over. You say you are a disappointment,to me that can lead to depression,which leads to over eating for which I went through. Remember the young teenage girl that was surfing & a 1,500 pound shark took her arm off ? Three months later she was right back on her surf board. she could have had the mind set of being a big disappointment in her sport,but she did not.There is nothing wrong with starting over,it can even make as stronger & more driven.Take care

LOVELY_MUMMY SparkPoints: (104)
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Posts: 15
6/7/13 8:14 P

Im 29, from melb australia, and need some great advice, which ill find here :) I just weighed myself and saw the number 120.00 on the scales that's kilos ofcourse! Hopefully it will be halved one day! I'm scared to start but need to start! I turn to food for comfort and with four young kids that means I eat lots of foods lol I would love to meet new mummies, weight loss lovelies anyone actually so we can be there for each other for support. Have I mentioned that I've lost this weight before and I'm doing it all over again! I'm a disappointment I guess. So please help out whenever possible and I will do the same ofcourse.

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