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WELCOME you're going to love it here!

After 2 knee replacements, I'm finding my very best exercise is in the pool. I'm not a great swimmer but (happily) I've learned that just treading water (which allows me to work on full range of motion in my knees) burns over 350 calories in just 30 minutes! (

Do what you can to burn calories -- even isometrics (working against your own body resistance) can keep muscles active and help with weight loss. Using your exercise bike in short spurts (5-10 minutes at a time) will keep you from irritating your hips -- long rides may do just the opposite.

Try allowing the SparkPeople website to create your diet plan (it's an option under nutrition) then, see what those meals look (and taste) like. You'll get some good ideas before you have to plan out your own meals and stay within your calorie limits. Plus, you can print out the shopping list that the site can generate for you and save time when shopping.

You'll find many very busy people here. Use their wisdom to start learning to put yourself back on your own "to do" list -- maybe even to put yourself at the top of the list. Then, you'll have more energy to take care of your friends and family, who depend on you!

You can do this. SparkPeople can help!


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I lead a very busy life have not ever learned to put me first, always family and work.Most days start at 7am and get to bed at 1 am. I have back and hip issues so doctor does not want me doing anything to stress them.Any ideas on exercise.I have exercise bike which he will allow and swimming is allowed. However I am having problems with pool access due to work .I need to loose 150 pounds.I am not worried about loosing as I lost over 100 pounds before it is keeping it off that worries me.Last time I had to eat a lot of fish which I dislike so I gave up after two years of keeping the weight off and of course gained it all back and some for good measure.Any ideas to help me.

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