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1/29/13 6:05 P

Thanks Everyone! I love the way my email is blowing up with replies and friend requests. emoticon

I love weight watchers... and I really succeeded at the In-person meetings because honestly.... I loved the rewards and the praise. Online I struggled with because I wasn't being held accountable to anyone. No one noticed if my weight went up... because I didn't have to report it. I'm hoping that by being here... I can find some people that can help me. It's something I have to work on.

I am excited to be "starting over" and I know I can do it!

Thanks everyone for being so awesome!

KRISTINE99 SparkPoints: (8,098)
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1/29/13 3:26 P

Welcome to Sparkpeople! I suggest finding at least one feature on this website that you can do on a daily basis that works for you. For some people that is making a daily status update. For others it's tracking exercise and/or food. For me I also find bloggin helpful. It's cathartic and keeps me focused on my daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

Last but not least, work on building up your Sparkpeople friends list for support. Feel free to add me as a friend :D Good luck!

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1/29/13 2:18 P

Welcome to Sparkpeople! It sounds like you have a fabulous boyfriend! I lost 160# on Weight Watchers and can tell you that it is a great program. Although Spark doesn't have the IN PERSON support, (though you may be able to find someone near in the teams) it DOES have 24 hour support, which can be invaluable. When you have questions, ask! You can succeed. It is within your power to make it happen!

STARRYEYEDJENNY SparkPoints: (131)
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1/29/13 1:39 P


I am so excited that you responded to my post! I would be glad to be buddies with you... if you'd like to you can add me on here!

I know we can do this and I'm glad you've made the choice to do this for yourself as well! We deserve so much better!

Much Love!

MYMIRACLE2013 SparkPoints: (10)
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1/29/13 1:26 P

Jenny, it sounds like you're well on your way to losing weight already. I am amazed at people's progress on here. I just started today on this program. I need to loose between 66 and 86 lbs. I would love to be a partner with you. I'm not as young as you unfortunately. I am 53 and had open heart surgery 5 months ago so I'm ready to get the weight off now. I lost all my weight 20 years ago and felt so good until I gained it back within the year. I lost it way too fast that time. This time I am going to try to be reasonable and loose it for good. You can email me at if you want.
A fellow Sparkster,

STARRYEYEDJENNY SparkPoints: (131)
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1/29/13 1:14 P

My name is Jenny and I am about to turn 30 the end of June. I've had a weight problem all my life. Growing up, my mom always cooked the most delicious meals... the ones that are drenched in butter and fat. She always pushed the desserts and the sodas and so I grew up with unhealthy portions and snacking. But at some point... you have to stop blaming others and start taking the responsibility upon yourself. That's what I am trying to do. As of now, I have been soda free for almost a month. I was following Weight Watchers (I previously lost 60lbs on it) but because of tight finances, I can no longer subscribe. I'm the kind of person who needs motivation and support and I just felt like I wasn't getting it.

My boyfriend is proven to me that my body does NOT attract love... I do. He's been very supportive so far in my no-soda deal. He very rarely drinks it in front of me and hardly ever asks me if I want some. He has two big dogs that he walks on his 8-acres and always lets me come along. Not only that but we just got a new puppy that I am hoping will be my walking partner. I am excited for all these awesome changes coming.

June of last year I participated in my first 5k. I didn't run it but I am hoping to one day. I love doing C25K and Zumba. I love to cook and bake and am always looking for new, HEALTHY recipes! I currently weigh 336.2lbs so I definitely have a LONG way to go, but I know with my own determination and the wonderful support of those around me, I can and I will be successful.

If anyone would like to be buddies on here (Or on Lose It) please feel free to message me! I have a blog:

I look forward to celebrating YOUR successes as well as my own!

God Bless!


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