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COLEANDMIKE SparkPoints: (660)
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2/19/14 9:34 P

Hi! Second try might be the charm :) Good luck!

0309COOKIE Posts: 8,436
2/19/14 8:49 P

Welcome back!


ARMYWIFEKASS93 SparkPoints: (4,384)
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2/19/14 8:21 P

Welcome back! And good luck to you :)

MOSTLYCHUBBY SparkPoints: (114)
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2/19/14 5:14 P

Hey everyone, I was on SP a while ago but didn't really ever do anything with it. I'm 30 years old, 220, would like to lose 100 of that! Yikes! Now I'm back and I'm so sick of getting asked if I'm pregnant. I'm sick of having to heave myself out of chairs, and I'm SO sick of getting winded going upstairs.

Ultimately, I'm just very, very uncomfortable in my own skin. I never thought I was that big until someone told me the other day they didn't recognize me because of my tummy (assuming I was pregnant). WHAT. Oh no you didn't.

So here I am.

I work from home and have a very sedentary life. I remember feeling good when I was exercising regularly and I decided I would give that a go again. :)

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