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ANARIE Posts: 13,185
6/20/13 10:55 A

I agree with everything Bunnykicks said (funny how often that happens!), and I'll add a "fourthly."

You're much more likely to get change made if you contact State Farm, not SparkPeople. As a potential customer, your reaction to their advertising is more important to them than anything another organization could tell them. Whenever a *reputable* company puts up an inappropriate ad, your best bet is to tell THEM that you don't like it.

BLBST36 Posts: 351
6/20/13 7:50 A

Get an ad blocker for your browser - you won't see ads anymore. I know firefox has one, but I am pretty sure that chrome and IE have one too.

GYPSYROVER Posts: 3,240
6/19/13 10:51 P

Can anyone tell me what all of the clutter on the blog page is all about??? Live stream, video, tv, etc., etc. Is it just spam?

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
6/19/13 9:40 P

Ok well firstly, Spark doesn't directly control the ad content. However, you can still report an ad if you think it is inappropriate - instructions are here :

However, while I agree that images of junk foods on a "diet" website can seem counterproductive or annoying, I'm not sure they would fit the definition of "inappropriate" - but you can report it anyways and see what the Spark staff think.

Secondly, you could install ad-blocking software (I use the Chrome browser and their adblocker was a free add-on).

Thirdly - images of trigger foods are EVERYWHERE. You can turn your head away from the offending ad, only to see images of cookies and milk flying across your tv screen, or screaming up at you from the magazine you are reading. You leave the house to get away from it all, and there's the neon lights of the fast food restaurants and convenience stores beckoning you. The images on this site are the least of the pressure we encounter each day. Coping with such triggers is one of the biggest challenges that most of us face.... it is necessary to learn to deal with "unwanted imagery" because it really is everywhere, not just here.

And hey - get rid of those Oreos. If they are a trigger food for you, you'll alleviate a lot of stress by keeping them out of the cupboard. When you know they are Right There, the stress of temptation and resisting-temptation can be a MAJOR drag and sometimes an outright motivation-buster/binge-inducer. Do yourself a favor, make it easier on you - and let them go.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,313)
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6/19/13 9:39 P

Sparkpeople can't review/approve ads before they're put up, but you can absolutely report them. Instructions on how to do so can be found here:

Report it there, and admins will get to it ASAP. :)

6/19/13 9:13 P

I'm kind of irked that State Farm has advertisements (if not entire banners) posted all throughout these pages that have Oreo's and milk on them. I have a serious sweet tooth and Oreo's are pretty much my favorite food. It's difficult not to want to indulge when there's 700 calories worth of yumminess on every page I visit. I've been quiet about this for a while now in the hopes it'd go away, but it's not. Can you please have somebody talk with them about coming up with a new ad campaign geared specifically towards people who are trying to live healthy lives?? There are other 'classic combos' they can post besides milk and cookies...veggies and ranch? Pen and paper? Kids and water? Something, anything, just as long as it isn't foods we're supposed to refrain from or eat in moderation.

Thank you :)

*and yes, there is a package of Oreo's in my cupboard so the resistance is all the more difficult.

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