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DWROBERGE Posts: 242,804
9/14/11 11:07 P

is it dark?

CRUISEGUY SparkPoints: (34,748)
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9/9/11 2:52 P

Gotta love it!

The other thing the candy makers have been doing is making smaller bars, no other difference, marketing that they have fewer calories than the regular bar, and charging more for them because they are a healthier option!

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9/9/11 10:23 A

Eating chocolate covered air is so much better than plain air! Is it any healthier or low calorie than say a smaller candy bar? I have had the British Aero bar before, I don't remember being overly impressed. I am sure some will love them though.

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9/8/11 10:19 P

I think they have something similar in Britain called the Aero. Cadbury made it.

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9/8/11 10:13 P

The air bubbles give the chocolate an interesting texture. I don't think they are anything new; I've been picking up aerated chocolate bars at a local international foods market for years. I think the ones I usually got were Russian or Polish and had a picture of an old lady on them.

N0_EQL Posts: 627
9/8/11 6:44 P

Hershey's just had an advertisement on television for a new candy bar called "AIR DELIGHT". It contains "tiny bubbles of air". Really, I mean, REALLY your marketing chocolate covered air?

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