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6/24/13 4:11 P

Hello ladies! I'm here Monday through Friday usually, not much on the weekends. I could use some buddies too. Just friend me or mail me, not sure how that works. Maybe on my sparkpage?

I'm in Northern California, married almost 14 years, very happily. I want to lose about 30 - 35 pounds I've carried forever. I'm finally doing the dance and have stopped fighting myself, but I totally get that. I've been starting and quitting and frustrated literally for years.

I'm finding I just need to make sure I go to the gym (I love my H20 Fusion swimming aerobics class, it's fun and a really good workout). I bring stuff to keep at work to make my lunch so I am never without something healthy, and when I do need to get some food, I just hit the grocery store at lunch and restock. I make turkey or tuna pita pocket sandwiches, low fat cheese, cucumbers, sprouts. Or I'll roll it up in a whole wheat tortilla. I usually have hummus or peanut butter and some veggies (they are so convenient now, just pre packaged in containers, pre sliced or cut up and bagged, grab and go)!

It took a long time to start doing this, and I'm frustrated that the scale hasn't moved yet, but it's ok. It will, I know it will.

I'm just trying to embrace and enjoy each day for what it has to offer and I look at exercise activities as "me time" now. It' makes a huge difference. And every time, EVERY SINGLE TIME I am done with my activity, I feel good. I feel proud emotionally that I went. I sleep better and feel healthier.

When I eat right, I don't fight my acid reflux issues.

It's so worth it. Lets do this ladies emoticon

6/24/13 3:58 P

I am starting over too and would love a buddy. My name is Kim. I live in MD. I have one dd who is 11. I am happily married for 5 years. If you want, you can send me a sparkmail.

Thanks hagd and keep going no matter is never too late.


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6/24/13 3:19 P

Hi, Wendy!

The only way to stop restarting is to stop quitting! Know that there will be days when you eat more...and days when you eat less. Some days you move more, some days you move less. Every choice you make will not be perfect. There are no bad foods, there are just foods. How we use that food and how much of it we eat is the issue.

Now is the time to change it all. Welcome to Sparkpeople where we help you to do just that. Let me know how I can help!

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6/24/13 2:43 P

Welcome. You've come to the right place for support on the journey toward a healthy lifestyle. Spark friends are the best and have kept me from going off my plan altogether more than once. Just knowing that my friends are out there cheering me on helps--and I know I'd be letting them down if I gave up, so that keeps me going too. You start off by saying you can't get online every day. You're setting yourself up for failure right away. If you have a job, you make it in to work every day; if raising your family is your job, you show up there every day too. Just treat SP like your job. Even if you can only log on for 10 minutes, make that your top priority of the day--track your food and exercise as a MINIMUM--daily. And I try to make a game of it by working to get at least 50 points each day before I log off, whether that's by watching videos, reading articles, finding a new recipe or posting messages to my Spark friends or posting to my own blog--it all earns points. You've already set up your Spark page, which is a good start. Don't be tempted to make your page 'private'--let people get to know you so we can BE there for you. You can do this; you CAN get healthy again. Just remember that you're worth it, and start making that your top priority. Together we WILL get healthy!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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6/24/13 12:55 P

Ok, I keep starting, and restarting, and restarting...

But, my blood pressure is creeping up, my cholesterol is high for the first time in my life, and I get winded doing the simple things I used to do for hours. I'm miserable. I have offically gotten to the point, I hate myself. Looking in the mirror horrifies me. It's causing issues in my relationship and this weight as got to go. Not only just to look better, but to feel better about me. I am an emotional eater, and the stress lately has been aweful.

This is what I need, I need a buddy to chat with and help keep me motivated and on track. I am not big on logging on to the computer or online every single day. I can a couple times a week, but I'm needy...I need interaction everyday. So if there is anyone willing to make a new friend, and maybe have a new friend to text and chat with everyday, I'm here! I would love to meet you and learn about eachother, and hopefully keep eachother motivated and on track! Message me here or on my email first, and we will go from there :) I hope to meet a new friend soon!


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