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8/20/12 10:05 P

I wish you lots of success on your weight loss/get fit journey. I'm ex military (used to be in shape) and I want to thank you for your desire to serve our country. I wish the best to you in all aspects of your life :)

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8/20/12 9:44 P

Welcome to SparkPeople! You'll find lots of support, information and inspiration here. All the best on achieving your goals!


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8/20/12 9:31 A

Welcome & YOU CAN/WILL DO IT!!!

Peggy (Colorado)

Please check out the teams I am on: DO IT FOR LOVE! (co-leader), FLYbabies, HAVING FUN WHILE REACHING YOUR GOALS!! (Co-Leader), Isagenix users, & The SONflowers.

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8/20/12 9:29 A

Welcome! Stick to your nutrition ranges, meet your workout goals, and you'll see results! I would recommend working in strength training as well- it'll make a big difference for you! And check out sparkrecipes for easy recipes if you're into cooking! Also check out some spark teams- there may even be one for your upcoming training!

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8/19/12 10:32 P

It's great that you have such a great goal and that you can use that to build up momentum =]

It's great that you're not too far off from your goal either. Keep focused, work hard and make sure you're fuelling your body with healthy choices and you'll reach that goal in time!!

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8/19/12 8:49 P

Hey there everyone, I'm your typical 20 year old from new jersey! They say I gotta be 200 before I can go for my MEPS (Physical testing as well as other testing) and be set for boot camp. I'm 206 right now and joined so I can even out my routines and keep track of my progress because honestly i've been flat out lazy, and everyone knows that seeing results builds more confidence. Hopefully when I see some results i'll be more motivated because being motivated has been my biggest problem.

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