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3/10/11 6:33 P

whoo hoo

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Fantastic! When you start to see and feel real results, the scale just gives you a number. It is the awesome new energy and body that becomes more important.

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- St. Theresa
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I tried on my husbands tshirts for the first time last night and they fit me!!!!! emoticon I NEVER used to fit into them. I could barely fit comfortably in my OWN shirts back then. WOW! I am very surprised with myself. I'm happy but in shock. I mean, I really have lost that much weight? Check out my latest blog if you want to see pictures. I'm off to the gym now. This is definitely something that has motivated me to keep going. :-) Wow! BTW. I have not stepped onto the scale for a few days now and its sitting right in my bathroom upstairs. It no longer bothers me and I don't care to know how much I weigh. Weird!!! :) Check out my latest blog.


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