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ROSEN72 Posts: 11
7/24/13 2:03 P

Thank you.
Today is a much better day, think I am just thinking I am hungry and am really not.

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7/24/13 1:19 P

I tried Herbal life. And was very disappointed, to even read the long long list of processed synthetic ingredients. Names were sooo long I could NOT pronounce. I spent a lot of money, and decided Not to feed my body this. I am sticking with "If you Cant pronounce an ingredient, then its Not good for you"". .. I am much more cautious on doing my research on what I consume. Good Luck..

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ROXIELU0422 Posts: 317
7/22/13 5:00 P

EAT SOMETHING!!!!!! that's what you do to ward of hunger. Drinking a diet tea and a shake will not help you in the long run.

1200 calories is WAY too low for someone working out. Bump up the calories!

ROSEN72 Posts: 11
7/22/13 2:22 P

So my question is what do and can I eat between meals. I am so darn hungry that I have a hard time fighting it.
I drink the tea which does help with the energy but I am still hungry.
What are some good on the go high protein snacks I can munch on.
I love fruit but of course that is not high protein.
Please help if possible. emoticon

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7/14/13 1:16 P

Are you drinking the herbal tea as well?
That really helps when you are on Herbalife diet.
My coach suggested me to drink that herbal tea from Herbalife 2L-4L per day.
That will help you a lot with weight-loss.
And with calorie intake. As long as you are at least getting 1200 kcal and during your exercise or anytime of the day you are not dizzy or feel nauseated, you should be fine :)
Good luck!
I am starting back on Herbalife diet next Monday :]

MRSSHANNONC1970 SparkPoints: (25,794)
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6/5/13 10:35 A

YOur calorie intake seems low WOW - I could not live on 1200- not if your burning almost 300 a day

CBR0422UNCW SparkPoints: (3,382)
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6/5/13 10:23 A

To the OP:
Just wanted to bump this up and let you know that I updated my post! I re-read the one I posted yesterday and it didn't really reflect what I was trying to say. Good luck and don't get discouraged, b/c you are doing really well! emoticon

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
6/4/13 6:47 P

To fix the ticker in your signature line - go to your Start page. Right below where it says "Welcome [displayname]!" near the top-left? You will see a link to "account/email preferences."

Go there. On the "Account Information" tab, down in the area where you specify your country and such - UNCHECK the box entitled "use metric system."

Then your ticker will read properly in pounds.

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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6/4/13 4:53 P

You also might want to check that the units in your tracker are right as well. Maybe somewhere you put in your weight and the units were set to kilograms

CBR0422UNCW SparkPoints: (3,382)
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6/4/13 4:36 P

AH! OK your ticker says current weight 375 so I assumed that was your weight.

emoticon That's what happens when you assume things...

In that case, your 12 lb loss at a rate of 1.5 lbs per week is extra awesome, and I would just keep it up (which you are not).


The recommended rate of sustainable/healthy weight loss is .5-2 lbs per week, OR UP TO 1% (or .01) of your body weight per week if you are SERIOUSLY overweight.

I would look at what Spark calculates for your calorie goal but 1200 could be a respectable low end of your range.

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6/4/13 4:31 P

I just thought it was 1200 calories when on Herbalife, never done anything like this before.

I'm 5' 5" and weight 170lbs. I used to be 135lbs before I had my baby 9 months ago :(l

CBR0422UNCW SparkPoints: (3,382)
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6/4/13 4:28 P

Do you have a severely low metabolic rate? Your calorie goal seems a bit low for your weight.

6/4/13 4:19 P

Thanks for the answers :-)

I'm eating 1200 calories burning minimum 260 calories per day.

Is this ok?

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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6/4/13 3:49 P

That's a great pace! emoticon Make sure to strength train so you don't lose muscle mass along with the fat.

Also a plateau is about 2 months with zero change in weight or body composition.

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CBR0422UNCW SparkPoints: (3,382)
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6/4/13 3:20 P

If you've lost 12lbs in 8 weeks that's actually a respectable pace for weight loss.

6/4/13 2:55 P


I've been using Herbalife for a couple of months and only lost 12lbs. I'm exercising 5 days per week (usually spin class)

I've hit a weight plateau! How can I overcome this, how many calories do you eat on the Herbalife shakes if you exercise regular?

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