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Disclaimer: I personally dislike "meal replacement shakes" whether they are prepackaged like Herbalife or homemade "smoothies." I do not do well at all on a "drink your food" regime.

That said! If you are interested in going the shakes-and-smoothies route, and are looking to switch up the flavourings of your Herbalife packets, I might suggest you go with a drop or two of flavouring extracts i.e. coconut, vanilla, mint, almond, orange... a tiny drop or two would totally change the flavour without adding a single calorie.

Your first idea of adding fruits seems sound... extra nutrition, fibre etc... If you have a good blender you could add pretty much whatever kind of fruit you wanted. If you start with frozen fruit (frozen berries, frozen banana), you might end up with a nice frozen milkshakey-type texture.

I would NOT be down with the idea of adding pudding powder - that's just flavoured sugar, you don't really want to be adding that, it's defeating the whole purpose of "having a healthy smoothie." You can find a way to add the flavour without all that unnecessary sugar.

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10/16/13 2:29 P

Hello all.

I have just recently purchased the chocolate Herbalife formula 1 shake mix as well as the Herbalife chocolate protein shake mix. I just got them today and I'm looking for interesting add-in's that people may have used with these two items including but not limited to fruits, pudding powder mixes, etc. I will be trying out a new diet with these and smaller snack like meals for daytime, and then eating a lean protein filled meal for dinner for my family.

Any suggestions on shake mixtures or snacks to go inbetween? I'm lactose intolerant and I'm hesitant to most vegetables but am trying to be more open to different options.


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