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2/2/12 11:26 A

Watch eating at night. I was watching a special on sumo wrestlers. They don't eat anything during the day and then at night they consume all their calories. This is why they have a huge stomach. I'm not saying that your belly is as big as a sumo wrestler, but you get my point. You can do crunches and exercise to tone your stomach. You can't really spot reduce. Watch eating a lot of carbs and drink lots of water. Exercise your core by doing push-ups and planks. If you can't do a push-up, start with doing them on a bench or with your legs bent.

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2/2/12 11:18 A

Like others have said you really can't manipulate where you lose fat.

Be sure to do a total body strength training program, muscle burns fat! Don't forget a complete ab workout (but don't just focus on abs, targeting that area will only build muscle under the fat, not make you lose fat there).

Drink plenty of water. Water is really important in helping your body flush out waste (ie fat) so be sure you're getting 2 liters a day (more on workout days!)

Get plenty of fiber. Again, it's all about flushing out waste. Fiber will help keep the waste moving as your body burns fat for fuel.

Many people have attributed a loss of belly fat to a low carb diet (I think there is even a diet called the ab diet that is a version of low carb). I don't really know if there is much science to this and am a firm believer in a well balanced diet. If you're eating a lot of processed foods or "white" carbs (white pasta, rice, bread) those may be contributing to maintaining body fat since they are essentially empty calories.

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2/2/12 11:07 A

Fat loss is a total body process. Depending on genetics, your body may lose from some areas faster than others. My tummy has been the last thing for me to go. I lost in my face, my legs, my arms, my bum, but I still have jiggly belly fat. I know sure some of it is loose skin, and some of it has to do with having 2 kids and constant yo-yo dieting, but even though I'm *thisclose* tomy goal weight, I still have a jiggly belly. Unfortunately, one can't spot reduce. You just have to focus on nutrition and work on building muscle to help your overall fat loss.

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2/2/12 10:30 A

Abdominal fat can be the hardest to lose, but a healthy diet and regular exercise are the only "magic tips". There's no way to target weight loss to specific areas of the body, but eventually it should start coming off in areas where you carry excess.

Hang in there!

Coach Jen

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2/2/12 10:27 A

I have more than just a tummy its a belly and it is definateky fat. Most of my weight is accounted for at my mid-section. It is so incredibly hard to shed that area fast. My waist seems to shrink but my lower abdomen doesn't budge. Any tips?

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