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7/24/14 2:26 P

I agree with everyone here. Are her clothes looser? What about her food? Is she eating a lot of processed calories? Drinking sodas? The littlest things can effect how your body lets go of fat/pounds.

Also, it is very likely she is so close to a healthy weight that she will have a harder time losing.

My sister is thin. Her husband isn't overweight, but they both decided to start p90x. When it was over, Dan (her husband) lost about 15 pounds. He was not remotely overweight, but really got lean. My sister lost MAYBE 5 pounds. She didn't have more to lose. She was in good shape before, and after, she is thin. So, depending on that it will be much harder for her!

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7/23/14 10:43 P

What's she eating? Does she track her food? Often people eat more without realizing it when they start exercising because they're hungrier. Exercise alone won't cause weight loss.

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7/22/14 10:44 A

Try doing measurements. My guess is she has slimmed down the fat and gained muscle. Also, women tend to have water weight issues and can fluctuate weight 5 pounds in a day, so make sure to weigh at the same time each day or week. Also women carry around more water weight during their cycle. You may not be able to see it in pictures because women carry fat differently then men, which is why I suggest doing measurements.

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7/21/14 3:50 P

Im not sure how tall she is, or how much she feels she has to lose, but she is probably fairly close to a healthy weight. However, her body may be changing without her realizing it. I did the whole 10 weeks (in addition to the workouts I was previously doing), tracked all my food, and only lost three pounds. Seriously, I went from 155 to 152 (I'm 5'7"). But I started getting comments from people who noticed "you've really lost a lot of weight!" Even those who didn't know I was doing a new program (less likely to be pure flattery.) I also lost a whole dress size without realizing it. I really wish I had taken measurements or before/after photos.

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7/20/14 10:32 P

Good evening everyone. I am new here and looking to help my wife. We both have been doing T25 and are on the beta section of week two. My wife works at a hospital 12 hour shifters 3 days a week. She is active and always busy doing something around the house when she isn't working.
We. Started T25 and took pictures and have been doing the weigh ins. I have lost over 15 pounds already and down too 203 pounds. My wife started at 154 pounds and is still at 154 pounds.
What and how can she start seeing progress and loosing weight like I have been able to. She is getting frustrated because she isn't seeing results yet. We done the Alpha twice, so 10 weeks there and now in the second week of beta.

Please share some advise to help her if you can. I would greatly appreciate it.


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