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1/3/13 10:52 P

There is an app that lets you take a picture and gives you an estimate but I have not had much sleep and can't remember the name of it. Leave a message on my page and I will look it up tomorrow. Also if you are eating out, Kalorie King is a great too. It also has listings for calories in fruit etc.

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1/3/13 7:44 P

Well, I saw apps on the iphone store that shows you chain restaurant stuff. I haven't tried them yet, but they were there. It's supposed to be law that restaurants list all calorie counts on menus, but, alas, my favorite diner does not. And I find that I am horrible with portion size, guestimating what one would be, etc.

1/3/13 7:37 P

If you're cooking you can use the recipe calculator in, the sister site to SparkPeople. If it's a chain restaurant I have good luck searching in the food tracker by clicking the button to "Search Other Members Entries" or something like that.

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1/3/13 7:37 P

I would love to know the answer too:) great question

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1/3/13 7:25 P

Hello all! I find that my biggest kryptonite is not knowing how to imput a calorie into the spark people app. For example, I cook from a recipe, but couldn't tell you what the calorie count is, because it is not listed for whatever reason, or, despite it being law in Philadelphia, I go to a restaurant that does not list it. Is there some app somewhere, that lets you imput a recipe, and it calculates the recipe calories and nutritional data for that recipe? Maybe a website that does it? Or maybe something that lets you take a picture of a dinner and it gives you round about

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