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10/21/13 6:55 A


As I'm sure you know, purging is not a good way to control your weight, and it's also very bad for your health. Have you ever thought about talking to a professional about how you feel about your body and the fact that you've been purging? I would strongly recommend you talk to someone one-on-one who specializes in these kinds of things. SparkPeople is a great place to get support as you work toward your goals, but we aren't a replacement for professional help. If you need help locating someone in your area, let me know and I'd be happy to try and help.

Coach Jen

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10/21/13 2:19 A

ANGBOO - purging is NOT the answer to your problem. Instead it will set up a whole new set of problems, including bad teeth. The stomach acids remove the enamel from your teeth, and set you up for a myriad of infections, tooth decay and tooth loss. THAT is just one of the issues!!!!

I STRONGLY urge you to speak with your Dr about this. You have Turner's so you know that the weight issue is part of that - there are a lot of other potentially serious health issues also as a result. You really need to be looking after yourself, not abusing your body. Your Dr will be able to refer you to a Therapist who specializes in this sort of thing. I HOPE that you have a Registered Dietitian, but if you don't, then you really need to see one. You have too much to lose (with your health) if you don't, and if you do, you might just find that you lose weight the healthy way in spite of the stumbling blocks in your way!

Good luck,

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10/21/13 2:07 A

That is not good.

Do you eat well? Do you track? Do you exercise? Have you been treated for an eating disorder in the past or is this a new thing?

To me, you look like a normal, average person who could maybe improve one or two healthy habits--you do NOT look bad at all.

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10/20/13 11:59 P

What? You're purging? You know that's not healthy, right?

Stick to the Spark program and you'll be able to manage your weight as part of an overall healthy way of life. And if you can't or won't stop purging, please reach out for professional help. There are serious, sometimes even life-threatening, consequences to purging.

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ANGBOO Posts: 64
10/20/13 11:44 P

I purge pretty often, and still I look like this:/

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10/20/13 4:29 P

You look cute! I'm nearly 6' tall, so it is hard for me to think of anyone under 5' as big. :)

From the pics it looks like you could stand to loose 20-ish pounds, especially around the arms and belly, but nothing drastic.

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10/19/13 12:41 P

those of us who are less tall than average will always show our pounds more than our lithe, tall sisters. of course, that means we are also better able to achieve an hourglass. emoticon

it looks to me like you have a great deal of confidence and sass and hopefully you only worry about this occasionally... no one can know how thin you "see yourself" as, but you are by no means a big girl...

i recently saw a photo or two of me that made me think "am i bigger than i think?" but it was probably just an unflattering angle.

keep rockin' it!

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10/19/13 5:04 A

I don't think you look that big at all.

Because you have Turner's I would assume that you have specialist care to help you with Dietary issues and the side-effects of Turner's?


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10/19/13 4:26 A

No, you don't. You look like you should belong on the cover of a sassy!

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10/19/13 1:15 A

You're beautiful, curvy and attractive. I agree that the main thing is how you feel, how is your health, and is your doctor satisfied with your weight? I'm not sure if having Turner's Syndrome means you have extra considerations as to weight, etc. Beyond that, how do you feel?

Great photos. They express so much humor, sexiness and wit.

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10/18/13 3:58 P

Hi, ANG !

We are our own worst critics. Flaws we see in ourselves, no one else sees.

I would say that if you feel comfortable in your own skin, that's what counts. The problem with many women is that we tend to not be comfortable with how we look regardless of how much we weight. There are Spark members at a very healthy BMI for their height who want to lose weight because they think they look fat.

Do you look fat ? You certainly are not obese. I believe the term for your body type would be Rubenesque. No, that is NOT fat. There was a time when women who had curves were considered beautiful. Today, women with curves are told they need to lose a few. You are curvey and I think that's fine.

What does your doctor say ? Does your doctor think you're at a healthy weight ? If so, then that's all you need to know. The question is really whether or not YOU feel comfortable. If you feel comfortable, what other people think doesn't matter. Good health does come in many different shapes and sizes.

I think the photos are very well done and you look good !

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10/18/13 2:52 P

I looked at your profile, and I do not ink your are big.

ANGBOO Posts: 64
10/18/13 2:31 P
Looking for honesty! I am 4"11 and 145.
I have turners so I'm built different.
Do I look that big?

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