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4/24/11 12:02 A

Thank you. I figured it was that so I'll just continue to do what I'm doing and hope t he weight comes off soon.

HILLERYH Posts: 171
4/23/11 6:36 P

Its not a link for a recipe, but some info on what your body does when you start a new workout program. It helped me be less angry about my recent lack of progress.

Your body is probably carrying water weight because when you do strength training exercises, you create small tears in your muscles, and they hold water as a result of this. Just keep eating within your calorie range, making good choices, and in a couple weeks, you should see a loss. It takes time... which sucks. I know.

No specific recipe will help you lose weight. You could eat potato chips all day and lose weight as long as you stayed within your ranges. (BTW, I don't recommend that.)

CMONTROSE9 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/23/11 1:41 P

Hi everyone. I'm having a problem, I started a new exercise regimen with a personal trainer. We are working on all the usual areas that need to be addressed, however since I started I have been watching my calorie intake and yet I've gained weight, not lost it. Can anyone suggest recipes that will help with losing weight. I'm currently on a hi protein diet with a lot of fruits and vegs added. I really need some guidance

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