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3/31/14 9:00 P

I make casseroles and soups often, and always bulk cook. weigh all the food for increased Accuracy, and then I divide it up into single serve containers. I divide the ingredients by the number of serves, and then enter that into the Nutrition tracker. I save it to my "groupings" so that it is there for when I next eat it.


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3/31/14 4:04 P

I take the lazy approach and use what other people have entered. I'm mainly shooting for calories, so I don't mind if the calories are too high, it keeps me from eating junk. I have added some recipes, if I don't like the calculations offered, but I honestly don't have time to enter every ingredient for every recipe I make.

3/31/14 4:00 P

you can calculate your recipes right on Sparkpeople! The easiest way for me is to go to the recipes tab on my nutrition page. click on "Access recipe calculator" then click on "add an ingredient." save the nutrition labels on packaging if necessary to enter what's not in the spark database. or just enter everything that isn't as soon as you bring it home. I tend to use the same things so I don't have to do this often, but most things are in the spark database.
As I'm cooking I write all the ingredients and amounts I 'm using in the dish. Then enter it into the recipe calculator, type in the number of servings and voila! nutrition info per serving.

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3/31/14 3:59 P

Yes! And it's called Spark People.

If you go into your Nutrition Tracker, there's a place to enter recipes. Yes, it takes a bit of fiddling the first time to get it entered... but once you've done that, all you have to do is call it out of your recipes, enter the serving/portion, and you're done.

I've got tons of my own recipes entered that way.
Also - if you enter a recipe with a marinade, don't include the marinade with the recipe. Enter it separately, and portion it accordingly. I think I read somewhere that most food portions only absorb a tiny amount of the marinade. I got some outrageous values for my broiled flank steak that way, which I corrected by doing this.

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3/31/14 3:53 P

I always make home cooked meals, as I have a family to feed so buying the pre-diet food is not going to work. That being said I always cook smart and healthy, but am not sure how to figure out the calories in a home cooked meal. For example is there a website that i can use to enter all the ingredients I used to find out how many calories/fat/ex is in the dish and then be able to divide it by how many portions the meal come out to be in order to track better?

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