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3/5/14 3:57 P

It took me 6 weeks to let go of the handles, but now it is easy.

Yes, slowing it down is the answer.

I was going too fast to not hold on and I have a weak leg, so going too fast created a situation where when I let go I tweaked my knee. I slowed down and it worked.

3/5/14 8:08 A

If you are using any electronic device (or reading a book) on your treadmill, turn it off. Be present with your body only and focus solely on yourself. Walk with proper posture, keeping your shoulders down and relaxed, and be sure to keep your head up, eyes straight ahead. Don't look around or down. Bend your elbows to a comfortable degree, relax your hands, and let your arms swing naturally. Don't let your arms go too far in front or behind your body, and never let them swing across your middle. Think of your hands going straight and propelling you in the direction you want to go. Start slow and increase the speed only when you are comfortable with your form.

DECLARE74 Posts: 2,161
3/4/14 10:17 P

I spotted your post and well I have the same problem - and watching biggest loser etc just makes me feel cruddy about myself as they are not just letting go but going WAY faster than me - in fact running in most cases - and here I am and I have been trying to get better at this for over a year now - I am starting to wonder how much is me and my health issues and how much is me sabotaging myself - I am only walking 4km/hr and cannot let go for longer than maybe 3-5 steps at a time :-(

Like Lekeshia35 I prefer to walk outside but want to have other options - originally my big issue with my treadmill was how much it hurt my soles of my feet (through my shoes) I can walk 10kms outside and not get sore feet at all - I increased the incline and solved that - I am hoping I can over come this "letting go" issue too

All the best to you - hope trimming your speed a bit and perseverance win :-)

LEKESHIA35 SparkPoints: (4,957)
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2/21/14 5:40 P

i dont care for the treadmill myself. i rather go walking outside than get on a treadmill

CAH-RD Posts: 1,056
2/21/14 8:19 A

You already have the answer, but I agree to slow down until you feel more confident. Build up slowly!

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,443
2/21/14 6:52 A

Yes, your eyes and brain expect the scenery to change as you walk forward, and balance issues can occur on a treadmill when your brain doesn't see what it expects. Regular use will lead your brain to adapt, and balance issues should decrease.

I agree with the others - slow down until you don't feel you have to hang on.


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2/21/14 5:20 A

slow down and use the emergency clip to give you mental confidence.

ENCADIA Posts: 140
2/20/14 11:34 P

Thank you for the reply, I will try it tomorrow.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,313)
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2/20/14 10:57 P

Slow down. If you can't keep your balance, you're going too fast! Slow down to where you're comfortable, and don't have to hold on. Even if that's 1 MPH or less... do what's comfortable. You gain nothing if you're moving ahead of where you're ready. Gradually increase the speed as you learn the balance you need, and get more comfortable. Do balance exercises OFF the treadmill (there are some great yoga poses that help with this.)

Lay just fingers on the bars, to help steady you, rather than holding on.

ENCADIA Posts: 140
2/20/14 10:49 P

I am new to using my treadmill, but I can't let go of the front or side handles. I let go and I fall out of step and seem to wobble side to side. Any ideas?

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