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3/23/11 10:39 P

Wow! Your goals are very specific. I"ve written down a few of mine. I've very visual. I would like to post my goals all over my home and office. However, privacy is an issue for me. My kids and husband often question the images that I use. So I have to hide them.

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3/23/11 9:43 P

When I started my weight loss journey the goals I set included:
-walk every day
-do crunches and floor exercises/stretches every day
-keep my calories, fiber, protein, sodium etc under maximum of suggested ranges
-eat no meat
-take time to breath between bites of food to cultivate mindful eating
-lose .5 to 2 pounds per week
-be able to fit into my 'skinny' jeans

My goals have changes as I have learned the importance of organic, unprocessed food and benefits of nutrient rich choices.
Start with goals you can keep. It also really helped me to realize as a person who could be addicted to bad choices that I could replace them with healthy choices.
Best of success to you!

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3/23/11 6:44 P

Wow! I totally understand your point of view in all of this. I found that blogging as well as keeping a personal journal really helps. The journal is a big help because, I can look back on what I wrote not too long ago, and it either helps me keep focus or reminds me of what I set out to do. Good luck.

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3/23/11 5:25 P

I think you should break you goals down into big and small.

You can have the lose 5lb goal and then 20 lb one.

I have a certain set of short term goals(being able to do pushups, drinking 8 glasses of water a day) and a certain set of long term(lose 20 lbs, run a 5k).

I blogged my goals. I also told my friends and family my goals. Just as long as you know your goals thats all that matters. I do suggest putting them in black and white somewhere though.

3/23/11 5:14 P

I haven't found a good way to set my goals. I've read the book, and I understand the SMART way, but I don't know where or how to write them down so they will be meaningful to me. Do I set a goal for 5 lbs. by a certain date or 20 lbs. by a certain date. I'd love to get some ideas on how others do this. emoticon

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