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Because it is low impact, cycling is potentially an excellent workout that will allow you to burn more calories than walking. Personally, my natural walking speed burns about 360 calories per hour, while my cycling approaches 800 per hour.

The first thing and easiest thing to extend your endurance on the bike is to use the gears on your bike. You should aim to use a low gear that allows a fast pedalling tempo and low resistance. If you use a high gear and a slow tempo, the high resistance fatigues your leg muscles quite quickly. Ideally, you should be pedalling at 80-90 rpm. The higher gears on your bike are really intended for when you have a tailwind or are going downhill, when a high speed means you can achieve a high tempo and low resistance in those big gears.


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The previous poster has given you some good advice. I would recommend 30-45 minutes of cardio exercise 3-5 times per week. So instead of continuing to add more time to your walking, try to increase the intensity and make the walks a little shorter. Then you'll have time for strength training, which is just as important. I would recommend a full-body workout (upper body, lower body and core) 2-3 times per week. It doesn't have to take long, but will help ensure that a smaller percentage of your weight loss comes from muscle instead of fat. Here's a link to our Workout Generator which will create a program based on your needs:

Crunches are hard on your back and neck, and aren't the most effective ab exercises. I'd switch those out for planks, which are more effective and easier on your back and neck.

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Walking and biking are both cardio activities. This means they will primarily burn calories and improve your cardiovascular health.

To strengthen your core (abs and lower back), you need to do some kind of strength training. For core, I do planks, back extensions, crunches, leg raises, russian twists and various yoga poses. You can look most of these up on SparkPeople for a demonstration. It does not take long. I spend 15 minutes twice a week working my core.

Provided you have no medical issues or have already gotten the go-ahead from your doctor, I would also suggest strength training for the upper and lower body as well. This will ensure you are not losing too much muscle as you lose weight, and it will also boost your metabolism. SparkPeople has tons of great videos for getting started in strength training! Again, you do not need a lot of time for these workouts as quality is much better than quantity when it comes to strength training. Many of the videos are 15 minutes or less.

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I have a very simple plan but I need some help with it. I walk everyday (yes everyday) and i have gotten myself up to 1 hour at around 3.2 miles per hour. That is very good for me since when i started it took everything i had just to go a mile at 2.7(this was a couple months ago), anyway, I was doing some bicycle crunches and other crunches to help with my abs, but i keep running into not enough time or the big part is it is to hard on my back and my neck right now. So I dont do them that often. I started thinking about what Im doing and I have recently bought a bike, I havent been on a bike in I dont know how many years, so i thought I can bike instead of walk. Well thats not working out right now either because I cant get the hour in on the bike that i was walking and so Im not burning the calories like i was walking. So Ive decied to go back to my walking and do the bike maybe 3 or 4 times a week but only for 15 mins or so. The bike I figure will help with my abs and the walking will help with the weight lose. I increase my time about every other week. So am I totally off track or am I thinking ok as far as calorie burn and working my abs. If this makes no sense to anyone please let me know that to. Thank you

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