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3/7/13 2:59 P

Sometimes you just have to ignore the scale for a few weeks.

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3/7/13 10:17 A

try to stay as positive as you can. watch some inspirational videos or read some inspirational articles. emoticon

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3/7/13 10:13 A

I have decided to spend a little time every day motivating myself. So I read inspirational quotes, (the SparkPeople quote app for iPhone is FREE!), other people's blogs on SparkPeople, and listen to inspirational podcasts like Jillian Michaels and Zig Ziglar (and they are free too!). This helps me get in the right positive attitude for success in all things, including working out, eating right, and having a good attitude towards my job. Oh, and hanging out on here encouraging other people!

I know it's not specific to when it gets slow, but I hope that helps!

You should also look at maybe changing up whatever you are doing when something stops working for you. Change the amount of exercise, balance of carbs / protein / fat, etc. Gotta shake it up every now and then!

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3/7/13 9:53 A

Can anyone offer help with motivation once the weight loss gets very, very slow?

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