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12/5/13 12:26 P

You might find the Mix and Match Meal Planner feature on the site helpful if less variety works best for you. This tool can help you create healthful, tasty and portion-controlled meals that fit your calorie range. Simply select the meal you want to build from the tabs (breakfast, salads, sandwiches or dinner), and then choose one option from each drop down to create a balanced meal! Once you've finished your recipe, click "Add to SparkPeople Nutrition Tracker" to track it!

Hope that helps!

Coach Tanya

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12/5/13 10:59 A

Is there an option to use less variety throughout the week? I know this may sound crazy, but the massive variation between each day's options makes it hard to grocery shop with the planner as is. I realize you can swap out individual items, but that is very labor intensive for me to use. It means editing every meal of every day in advance of shopping.

I want to make more use of the same foods on multiple days so I'm not buying twelve kinds of veggies or a dozen kinds of fruit when it's simpler and more economical to have bananas four times a week and apples three times, etc.

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
12/4/13 9:22 A

If you turn on the meal plans on at your Nutrition Tracker page you will be able to see meal suggestions for the week and switch out items you don't like for others that you do. Here is a link to information about the Nutrition Tracker and tips on how to use it.

Coach Tanya

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12/3/13 10:08 P

I am having some trouble with meal planning. I would like something to go with Canadas food guide and low on the glycemic index but am struggling with meal ideas. I would like a 7 day meal plan that has the same amounts in each meal so I can swap them out (ex 1 grain 1 veg 1 fat for all breakfasts) so incase I'm not feeling it that day I can swap out to one of my other 6 choices for that meal to keep me going. Any ideas or websites that are helpful? PS I am also a really picky eater.

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