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2/25/13 1:19 P

I also love


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2/25/13 8:41 A

This blog article will walk you through planning using your favorites.

Meal Planning Basics

You can also get started using our Mix and Match Meal Planner tool on the site.

Coach Tanya

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2/23/13 12:36 A

Another good site to find recipes is

If you're interested in checking out the food I've made and liked, come visit me on Pinterest, and feel free to follow me:
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2/22/13 9:54 P

I'm also new to sparkpeople but in looking through allot of the pages, I noticed that there is a SparkRecipes link on the nutrition tracker page on the right hand side off the page. I hope this helps.

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2/22/13 9:50 P

You don't need to use the suggested meals here. I sure don't. ;) Never have! What matters is that you accurately track whatever you eat.

You can find tons of great recipes, right here on Sparkpeople! TRy here:

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2/22/13 9:40 P

Hi everyone! I am new to the page and was looking over the nutrition plan. I am a very picky eater and would not eat most of the stuff on them. :( I don't want to eat a salad and chicken every day, but I don't have many ideas or knowledge about what to eat. I also have 3 kids and a husband to feed and don't want to have to make them a meal and then something different for me. What are some tips for places to find different recipes?

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