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12/9/12 8:33 P

Thank you so much for your advice and your info.

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12/9/12 7:33 P

Ask about:

--recovery time
--how many scars you will have
--exercise restrictions and diet after surgery
--pros and cons of keeping/not keeping ovaries
--when/if you will need to continue with annual exams after hysto

I very much did not want to have a hysterectomy but had no choice as I had a very large, painful tumor growing through the walls of my uterus. I do not have any children. I would have appreciated NOT being on the same floor for recovery as the new mothers. It also would have been great if having people congratuate my father about being a grandfather could have been avoided. He will never have any grandchildren. It was sort of heartbreaking, but I never would have though that that would be the setup or to ask about that beforehand.

Be prepared to have a hard time with lifting or bending for a couple of weeks. I had a hard time sitting at a desk for a while and was very thankful to be able to bring my laptop to bed and work from there.

I was in a good deal of pain for about 4 months and had tenderness for longer than that. I also found that wearing jeans or any fitted pants with a waistline was extremely uncomfortable for about six months. Loose dresses will be your friend! Yoga pants a size or two too big would be good to have on hand, especially as you leave the hospital.

Good luck.

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12/9/12 6:55 P

Good luck with your surgery.

12/9/12 6:52 P

Thanks for your advice. Found out that my uterus is very large... So thru the abdomen. Going to keep the ovaries.

12/8/12 12:21 P

I had a full hysterectomy when I was 48 years old. Although initially I was on hormone replacement I stopped it and felt alot better without the pills. This is not the case for everyone but this is how it worked out for me.
The operation itself was quite easy to recover from. My recovery was complicated by a UTI from the catheter but all in all it was fine.
I never had a hot flash before or since the operation. Again, each woman is unique. This is just my experience.
I wish you a safe surgery and a healthy, full recovery.

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12/8/12 10:03 A

I had a hysterectomy without the robot. Initially I kept my ovaries, which is good because I did not go inot menopause, but a few years later I had to have them removed due to cysts. I now am on HRT. My recovery from the hysterectomy was quick. I was back to normal activity after a week (not sex though).

12/8/12 9:20 A

Thank you I happreciate your words of advice

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12/7/12 12:35 A

Ask if they are going to use a robot, using a robot costs more money so if you have a deductible you might want to consider not having it done with that. I chose not to have it done with a robot. I kept my ovaries so I wouldn't go into menopause, you might want to ask about that, what are you going to do once everything is taken out how is it going to effect you your my age so you want answers ? hormone replacement? what do you plan on doing?
Ask how long your going to be laid up ? How many days you'll be in the hospital? Are they doing it through the belly button? using a grinder? or vaginally?
I don't know about you but it was important for me to be able to have an orgasm afterwards, so I kept part of my cervix so that I wouldn't go dry afterwards...

12/6/12 10:48 P

I have probably posted this in the wrong blog. Sorry! I am to go into the dr. tomorrow and scheduled for the removal of everything on the 19th of this month. I am to ask questions about the operation.....what should I ask? Just curious.

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