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8/26/13 1:34 A

There's a chain of upscale boutique groceries in Texas that does a Hatch chile fest with a recipe contest and other things every year. Here are the search results for a search on "Hatch" in their recipe finder:

They even have a free app for the Hatch recipes if you'd rather have stuff on your phone.

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8/25/13 11:31 P


I love Hatch peppers, but a little goes a loooong ways.

Have you thought about canning them/the sauce? I have seen recipes on Pinterest.

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8/24/13 7:59 P

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8/24/13 3:46 P

I have about 12lbs of them and don't really know what to do with them besides roast andf reeze for green chili. I was going to make green chili corn bread, but I could really use more ideas if anyone has them!


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