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If you love aquafit, then you should do that. The only fitness you will stick with is something you love. I love running, so that is what I usually stick with (even though I'm pretty slow, I've been running since high school)

If you are new, why not choose activities you know you can get to, and know you will enjoy. Can you consistently go out for a walk in the morning? can you consistently get to an aquafit class? do you need to stick with 10 minute fitness videos so its not a huge chunk of time? start with what is easy, then focus on weights and cardio and all that when activity in general is more habitual.

Thats just my two cents. emoticon

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1/6/14 11:26 P

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I lost 60 lbs. by walking and eating a healthy diet. I now do strength training too. I believe that water workouts are good for your joints and help loose weight. Remember that working out is only 10% of the healthy life style. 80% is eating right and the other 10% is genetics. You can't out train a bad diet.

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1/6/14 10:29 P

Hi all! I've been gone too long from SP and need to get back into a routine of fitness, but unsure what really works. I'm having trouble putting together a regime. Strength train or cardio? Walk alot? I have access to a pool (love aquafit) and currently have a gym membership. What has really helped you lose your weight along your journey? I'm a PT nurse doing days and midnights, so on my work days, I know I would like a less active fitness day. Suggestions Please and thank you!

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