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11/28/12 4:58 A

I exercise in my lunch break. Totally free from interference from the family. It works out great for me. I even eat my sandwich at the end.

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11/27/12 11:41 P

Is there another parent on the scene, or just you? How old is your son?

If there is another parent, can you share dinner duty? That could give you 2-3 nights a week to workout. If your son is able to ride a bike you could go for bikes/walks together. Even when it gets dark early you could go somewhere well lit?

Otherwise, see if you can get up 15 minutes earlier and do something then. Try for another 15 minutes in the evening.


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11/27/12 10:07 P

Some people have a little success by finding time for minimal exercise at work, even if it is for only 10 minutes - walking during lunch or a short break. See thread called, "Deskercise" for some great ideas for moving while at work, even at a desk!

You definitely have a challenging schedule, but you might try what I have learned at SP websites. Little bits of exercise done consistently add up to something significant. For example, one girlfriend, age 54, does tricep dips every single time she uses the toilet! When done, she puts the lid down, and goes up and down on it for strength! She does this about 7 - 10 times a day, 7 days a week, for the last 15 years! Consequently, her triceps are strong!

One woman I know does lunges and squats while she is folding laundry...every single day!

I do calf raises when waiting in lines - at grocery stores, post office, etc. I also stretch my arms every time I think of it. For ideas, browse through SP videos.

Keep reading these posts, check out the articles, and watch the videos. Eventually, you'll come up with ideas on how to work exercise into your day, throughout your day.

Good luck! Keep reading and keep us posted on how it goes! Best to you!

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11/27/12 10:01 P

Hi Phoenix,

I like your plan. I think whenever you start a new program, it's important to integrate exercise into your lifestyle whenever and wherever you can. Over time, the more active you become the more energy you will have which in turn may allow for you to devote more time.

If you don't work on the weekends you can use those two days for longer workouts, such as walking.

I wish you well!

Coach Nancy

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11/27/12 8:50 P

Hi everyone! I'm new and looking for some help.

I have a very full day during the week: Up at 5:15am; out the door by 5:45am (75 min drive to & from work); work from 7am-4pm; home 5ish. Fix dinner, help with homework, have some quality time with my son; put him to bed and the next thing I know it's 9pm and time to start getting ready for bed!

I'm going to have to squeeze it in there somewhere! Right now I try to do some walking and try and always take the stairs at work.

I'm thinking that I could exercise down in my son's playroom so at least I can hang out with him while I exercise. My knees aren't very good right now, so I'm trying to keep to low impact choices and things I can do at home. Any other suggestions?

Thank you in advance!

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