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1/23/13 1:18 P

Thank you Dietitian Becky!

1/22/13 3:22 P

Also---don't use the "pie chart" as your guide---Instead use the ranges which are much larger.

If you want to make your tracker public.
Go to your Sparkpage
Click Edit
Check Make tracker public.

SP Dietitian Becky

1/22/13 1:43 P

UNIDENT - Thanks for replying :) I think I know what my problem now (wasn't tracking fiber). To answer your question, though, my other stats (protein, carbs, sodium) are all good; not too far to "min" or "max". Thanks for the suggestion, though!

1/22/13 1:41 P

DIDS70 - First, it's not terribly under the "min", probably between 100-300 calories, depending on the day. Second, thank you! I just realized I had forgotten to add fiber to my tracker. I have a feeling once I do it will even out. Thanks again!

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/22/13 12:54 P

Make your spark page open and share your tracker. That way we can see what else is going on.

If you're consistently over in fat just to meet calories, then it's probably not that you need lower fat foods, but that you need MORE carb and protein foods! How are those goals? Are you just barely in range with them or nicely in the middle?

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
1/22/13 12:30 P

how are you doing on your other nutrients? I don't count calories. i make sure I am getting my protein, fats (which from your post you are over), fiber and carbs. I also make sure I am getting my recommended doseages of vitamins and minerals. i find that when I track those instead, my calories miraculously fall in line.

Add an apple or some veggies. How far under are you?

1/22/13 12:23 P

I've found that at the end of each day if I happen to meet my calorie goal I'm always over in fat content. But if I work on keeping my fat down I don't get enough calories! I've been eating really healthy but I've been working out every day so I know I need to make sure I get my calories to get fit. Does anyone have any suggestions for ways to increase my calories but keep my fat low?

Thank you, in advance :)

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