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4/19/11 4:24 A

On your Nutrition page
click "Add a Food"
to the right hand side of that box is a conversion link
Click that and you can convert one measurement to another.

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4/18/11 10:02 P

Go to your local discount store - walmart, target, or whatever you have where you are and buy some measuring cups and measuring spoons and a cheap food scale. Use the measuring cups to measure cups, the measuring spoons to measure teaspoons &tablespoons, and the scale to measure ounces and grams. Otherwise you're probably just wildly guessing about what you put in your tracker. (I'm guessing must of us wildly guess at least some of the time!)

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4/18/11 9:04 P

Those are all KINDS of different. Get a basic converter (often in the back of cookbooks), do a google search, or even a calculator. My old graphing calculator from high school has a conversion function that came up with the following.

0.5c = 4 oz
0.5oz = 0.0625c (less than 1/4c)

Converting to and from grams is a bit more compicated (grams is mass, cups and ounces are volume) so my calculator can't do it, but it's also quite different.

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4/18/11 8:57 P

they are different measurements. I normally use oz for things i weigh on my scale, like 4 oz of chicken. The cup is i use for thing is can put into a measuring cup, like .5 cups of beans.

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4/18/11 8:46 P


To any one that can help me. what is the difference or is it the same? 0.5cup 0.5lg 0.5oz?

I have been on board for about 2 months and I am not getting anywhere with this problem.

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