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10/11/13 10:12 P

I agree with wanting dumb bells. I bought a box of them...weight plates with bars. They come in 2.5 lbs. 5. lbs. and 10 lbs. I got them for 20 bucks at walmart. I really do like them. I do own 2 boxes of them...........I use them and they make a great workout.

10/11/13 8:18 P

If you go to the Spark team Resistance Band and bodyweight training you will find s variety of resistance band workout on the general forum. There are also hyperlinks to different programmes in the same forum.

10/11/13 8:06 P

Thanks for all the suggestions =) i do have a set of resistance bands already and looking around for the best full body routine with them. I feel like i just want some dumbbells aswell though, so i have the choice and all options open to me. Call me OCD lol =D

So the 20kg set (10kg each dumbell) would be the most useful and most futureproof? Thanks, i was thinking it would be too much but when it's broken down it actually makes more sense to go for that one =)

10/11/13 11:49 A

Resistance bands are a cheaper and more versatile option than dumbbells. You can mimic almost any weight training exercise or movement with resistance bands. They take up less space, are easier to store and you can travel with them to always have a workout option.

Check out the options and prices at this site.

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10/11/13 8:32 A

When you move up in a weight, move up the smallest increment possible. If you can still do 12+ reps at the new weight, move up another increment again.

Dumbbells are traditionally referred to in terms of the weight of 1 dumbbell, so you are really talking about a 5 kg set, and 7.5 kg set and a 10 kg set.

The 5 kg set just doesn't have the capacity to grow enough. I'd go with the 10 kg set, this will give you every weight possibility between 2 kg and 10 kg, in .5 kg increments.


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10/11/13 5:48 A

I agree with Zorb's suggestion. Resistance bands are very versatile, cheaper and would be a great option for working out at home.

Coach Jen

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10/11/13 5:39 A

Why not invest in a set of resistance bands?

10/11/13 3:46 A

Hiya! I've recently just started with my weightloss and fitness journey =) Right now i'm stuck on choosing weights. On a bare minimum budget it's hard to find equipment that i can afford, so i'm trying to find something that will last me quite a while, taking into account i'll be moving up in weight as i get stronger. I've been looking at dumbell kits because they're generally cheaper and the weight discs with them means i can add weight along the way.

What kind of weight increases do people generally find to be useful.. If i started at say 2.5kg, would the next jump up be 3kg, or would it be better to jump to 3.5?

So far i think i have narrowed it down to a 10kg set or a 15kg set.

The 10kg set has this in it:
4x .75 kg Weight Plates
4x 0.25 kg Weight Plates
4x .5 kg Weight Plates
2x Bars 1.5kg Weight each bar
4x .25 kg Spin-lock collars

and the 15kg has this in it:
4x .75 kg Weight Plates
4x 1.25 kg Weight Plates
4x 1 kg Weight Plates
2x Bars 1.5kg Weight each bar
4x .25 kg Spin-lock collars

There is a 20k set but i don't know if that's just silly?
4x .25 kg Spin-lock collars
4x .75 kg Weight Plates
4x 1.25 kg Weight Plates
4x 1.5 kg Weight Plates
4x .5 kg Weight plates
2 x Bars 1.5 kg Weight each bar

I've been trying to figure out the weight combinations that each choice would have, but my brain is not with it lol. I don't know which one would be more useful? Can anyone shed some light on it please? I think i've been overthinking this and so have stressed myself over it for silly reasons lol.. Any help would really be appreciated =)

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