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One thing you might consider doing is ditching the Hersey's Kisses for a better quality dark chocolate. the problem with cheap chocolate is that a person needs to eat more just to get a taste of the flavor. However, you won't have that problem with good quality dark chocolate that's at least 60% cocoa.

The higher the percentage of cocoa, the richer and deeper the flavor. I like Dove Dark chocolate myself. All I need is a couple pieces and I'm totally sated. If I eat a kiss. I'll be honest. I'll keep eating and eating them. So, consider paying the little bit extra for better quality dark chocolate. Oh and don't inhale it either. Sit and really savor it. If you do, you'll find a couple of pieces really is all you need.

And do keep eating your fruit. The natural sweetness of the fruit (with time) will help you curb those cravings for the sugary treats.

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If you are finding it really hard to eat extra, then having some nuts on hand is a good way to do it. They are good on protein, and fats, but healthy fats. They are also heavy on calories compared to many other foods. If it is that you FORGET to eat, then try to set your reminder on your mobile phone so that it goes off (say) every couple hours so that you have some fluid and snack. Having juicy fruits and cucumbers will help with fluid consumption if you don't like drinking much fluid.

Kris xx

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Thank you so much slimmerkiwi for your input and I don't mind at all that you looked at my info. Thats what its there for, Right? I also struggle at the other times of the month with the fact that working out completely takes my hunger away (except for during that time of mionth). I try to eat more but have to stuff in what I eat. I try to get two good snacks a day and most of the time, realize at meal time that I didnt eat what I brought for snack. I don't know. I quess I will just have to try harder. I appreciate your information.

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I agree with previous post; way too little healthy fats, fruits, veggies, and overall calories. Too much processed food.

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I hope that you don't mind, but I had a little peek at your Nutrition Tracker. IF this is all you are eating, you may find that explains your cravings. Often you are eating far too little, and not sufficient fruit/veges.

You will find that by increasing the fruit/veges and healthy fats, your cravings will likely be much less. Eating regularly also helps significantly. I saw in your blurb that you intended doing a fair bit of work-outs - that will also impact on your craving - it is quite likely that your body is crying out for more energy in the way of food, but the craving is the body's way of getting the energy in quickly. You are best to follow the suggested calorie range that is provided by SP. If you go to the "See today's full report" tab on the right side near the bottom, of the Nutrition Page, you will see 2 pie charts. One is the recommended percentage for carbs/fats/protein, and the other is what you actually consumed. Try tweaking your intake so that it resembles the suggested one, and then you may see the cravings diminish.

Also, I would suggest that you allow one day per every two weeks to eat whatever you want. It may seem strange but it really does work - I practice what I preach! This actually helps reduce cravings - this is a healthy lifestyle journey, it is not about deprivation, starvation, skipping meals etc. It is about balance - a HEALTHY balance. It is about portion control, eating within the calorie range MOST of the time, getting a good amount of exercise, drinking enough to remain properly hydrated, preferably with mostly water, and ensuring that you get some YOU time!


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Sugar free gum helps me a lot! There are lots of brands out there but I like Extra - they have a line of desserts flavored gums like apple pie, creamsicle, rootbeer float, and several others. My favorite is the key lime pie.
It's only a few calories a stick (5 I think) and the taste lasts for quite a while.

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8/15/12 11:36 P

I have such a problem during my time of the month with sweet cravings. Tonight is one of those times. I am really struggling with my sweet cravings. I have eaten really well today and even did allow myself 3 kisses which is 66 calories. Anymore would be total waste of calories. What do I do to get my mind off the cravings? It seems to take over my everything. HELP!!!

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