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8/11/12 3:32 P


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8/11/12 11:04 A

Just wanted to give an update - made it through the last 2 days with a little too much sodium but and fat but made my daily calorie goals no problem! Thanks for all your help!

MILADY_LCF Posts: 1,008
8/9/12 10:30 A

Thanks for all your help! I am feeling much more prepared for today and tomorrow!

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8/7/12 4:10 P

Hey, I was thinking about you and something I read on Shay Sorrells's tumblr. She was answering a question about spreading out your calories for a week, especially when you know an event is coming up.

Question: Awesome blog, Shay! I didn't realize that you had rest/calorie flex days on the biggest loser. I guess a zigzag diet is something to look into perhaps! I had been wondering about it. I don't think I would double my intake, but perhaps add 300 or so calories for a day on the weekend. Hmm.

Answer: yes it all depends on what your daily intake is… so for example say you want to maintain a 1500 a day intake well to have a high low day you take 1500x7=10,500 - now if you only eat 1300 hundred a day for 6 days that 7th day you could have 2,700 cals and still be at 1500 a day for the week- make sense? This works for some people and not for others. When I KNOW I am going to an event or party on the weekend where I may want to allow for a few drinks or that piece of gluten free cake I may use a system like this for the week. Let’s face it when you say oh I’ll just work it off after - happens NEVER so I always plan ahead and work it off before and have less guilt!

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8/7/12 3:39 P

How smart you are to plan!

Before the fair begins you can think about the one thing that you really want. Think about who you could share it with. When you plan ahead you can build in portion control!

When it comes to the pot luck, planning can be just as helpful. Do you know others who are watching their eating who will be attending the pot luck? You can agree to bring healthy options so that there will be more than one healthy thing to eat.

If that isn't an option, make a decision before you go to only eat four things. The problem with pot luck is the quantity of dishes. A little bit of everything turns into a lot. If you decide that you will only have four things, that will force you to be selective and only choose the things you really want most.

MILADY_LCF Posts: 1,008
8/7/12 1:56 P

Thanks so much for all of your help!

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8/7/12 6:09 A

One of the great things about knowing something like that is coming up is that you can prepare for it. You can add a bit of extra excercise this week every day, even if you just go for a half an hour walk in the evenings and you can cut a hundred or so calories off a few of the days leading up. Nothing drastic, just nip a bit here and there so that if you do go slightly over there's no guilt. I would also pack a couple of snacks of healthy food so I knew I had an alternative. You can chose to eat there reasonably and within your calories, but if nothing fits your plan you won't be forced off the rails. There's a lot of great advice about what to eat before and how to handle moderating it. I'm sure you'll be fine. Concentrate on one day at a time. Tackle Thursday on Thursday and if you mess up don't use it as an excuse to bleed into Friday.

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8/6/12 10:06 P

I was thinking for the fair, leave money in the car and bring snacks. Fair foods never seem worth it and it's so expensive!

Potlucks are hard, like others have said, stay with the healthy food, or bring something that you know is 'safe' and have just a taste of things that you like the best. I always get bellyaches at potlucks because I like to try everything and it's too much variety.

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8/6/12 2:04 P

For the fair: Eat a large breakfast with protein and think of it almost as lunch - so include a salad. Bring a water bottle. You can get lemonade there but water it down using your water bottle with a 50/50 ratio. This will keep you hydrated and full, and also give you a slow amount of energy through the day which will keep hunger down. Be on the look out for eating fruit. Frozen bananas are great, just toss most of the chocolate covering. Grilled chicken and toss the skin. Pack some pre-measured snacks. Try to eat a little bit every three hours. Sharing with someone else is also a great idea. Just because something comes with say potato chips - doesn't mean you must eating it. If there is a strawberry shortcake stand, ask for just the strawberries. If there is not grilled chicken, a corn dog with the corn outside removed is possible. Just pretend you are a Sparkperson star being filmed for the day at the fair and that everything you do is being seen by all your sparkfriends. We're cheering you on, you can do this.

On potlucks, again eat a salad before you go. When you get there, look for a lean protein and fill you're plate 1/4 with that and if there is any sort of salad or vegetable fill the rest of the plate with that (pick out cheese and avoid dressings). Make a rule that you can't have anything else until you've let that be in your system for at least 30 minutes. If you are still hungry, you can go back for 1/4 cup (4 Tablespoons) for what ever you want --- this is your treat so use it wisely to taste on a couple of things you were curious to taste. Then start telling yourself and everyone else that talks about more food that you are SO full.

Best wishes. Remember the best way to limit what you eat is ask yourself, could I log this? If it is not mixed up with things your are not sure of the ingredients better to pass.

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8/6/12 11:48 A

Everything will be fine ! Don't worry !

Working at the fair may well put you off eating junk food because you're going to be surrounded by the constant smells of all that food. It's like working at a candy store. You can only eat so much before you end up sick and not wanting the stuff.

If there is something you'd really like to eat, don't deny yourself. Just have a small portion. indulge, but don't over indulge. Remember, some of these foods you can eat any time you want. therefore only try something that you don't eat every day. Allow yourself one small treat. If you deny yourself, you're at risk for overeating later.

The pot luck, ditto, allow yourself to have something unusual. Try to load up on any veggie disk. try to avoid anything fried. the fried stuff is always high in calorie.

Mostly, be mindful of your portions !! As long as you watch your portion sizes, you really can eat whatever you want. Don't eat like food was going to disappear on Saturday.

MILADY_LCF Posts: 1,008
8/6/12 11:36 A

This week (Thursday and Friday) I have two very dangerous days - I have to work at the fair on Thursday and Friday is a Potluck for my team at work which I have to attend.
Any advice to help me plan for success?

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