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GRACEMCC45 Posts: 1,134
8/10/12 11:33 P

Chicken wrap looks good - get them to hold the bacon and the havarti.

My biggest temptation on PEI is definitely all the dairy bars! Scooters in Miscouche is my all-time favorite from childhood memories!

I really know the Summerside area best, so here are my votes:

There is a FANTASTIC new little restaurant in Summerside my aunt takes me to when I visit if you will be around that area. Great sandwiches for lunch, very unique venue!

And Miss Daisy's Victorian Tea Room is nice too - definitely different, but appropriate servings sizes of sandwiches and crudites.

For the more upscale in Summerside, Fiveeleven West in the Credit Union Sportsplex. Full upscale menu but with a wide variety of salads. I went there for NYE dinner - it was a prix fixe menu, so there wasn't a lot of option, but the food was incredible!

Have a wonderful trip!

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8/10/12 7:07 A

I think a home-packed picnic would be awesome. Growing up, the best meal memories I have are my mom's healthy cooking.

As far as ordering from that menu, I would request steamed scallops on a garden salad. Of course, I'm a veggie lover, so salads are my fave.

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MARIA11X Posts: 516
8/9/12 7:55 P

I would probably choose salads for starters rather than any of the appetizers, and maybe ask for the dressing on the side so you can dip your salad into it rather than they drench it. For lunch, I would probably go for the chicken wrap, because it is grilled, or the stir fry. You could always ask them to use only half the oil they normally would to stir fry, that is what I do, and that's how I stir-fry at home. The lobster and crab cakes also sound like a good choice.

For dinner, I would choose the scallops, if you like them, because they are pan seared, and not much oil is used for that. The garden vegetable marinara would be a good one to get your veggies. The salmon is also a good choice, for your omega-3's. I am not much of a dessert person, so I would skip all of those. Ask if they have sliced fruit, or you could always get a garden salad while everyone else chooses dessert.

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8/9/12 4:03 P

Oh man, I'd save up calories to blow on the lobster sandwich. Mostly because I can't get that here where I live and it would be a once in a blue moon treat. But the baked crab cake sounds marvelous too.

The poutine just sounds gross.

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8/9/12 12:53 P

Personally ?

I would order the lobster and crab cake. It's baked and I'll bet the portion size isn't outrageous.
It's baked. which is always a better choice over fried. You could always order the garden salad for the side instead of the potato salad.

Although, do keep in mind that as long as you are mindful of the portions, you really could eat anything off that menu, including the fried stuff. if you'd really like the fish and chips, you might ask to share a plate with one of your family members. Most restaurants have plates that could easily feed 2-3 people. So, why not share a meal ? If no one wants to share, no one says you have to clean your plate. Eat half and take half home to enjoy for lunch the next day.

I'd definitely avoid the poutine. That's going to be lethal.

Steamed mussels or the oysters are a perfectly safe appetitzer if your family wants to have a starter.

Mostly, have whatever it is you'd like to have regardless of the calories, just be mindful of the portion. once again, you don't have to clean your plate.

TANYAP71 Posts: 339
8/9/12 12:43 P

We're heading off on vacation to PEI. Eating at restaurants up there is TORTURE for me.

1 - If you have restaurant ideas..... please, please share. I hate feeling like I have to pick between healthy food for myself and allowing my family the treat of eating out (as opposed to yet another mom-dictated picnic lunch).

2 - If you were going to order off this menu what would you choose and why?
For some reason my family is in LOVE with that restaurant. In years past I've ordered the fish and chips (which seriously make me ill as I NEVER eat fried stuff) and the 'steak'n'blue' flatbread sandwich (which had a TON of full-fat cheddar on it too! AND very very little veggies AND came with fries).

I feel like such an ogre when we go to PEI for vacation. Either we stay at the cottage/beach (where we keep healthy food and I cook), picnic on salads/sandwiches/fruit (which they all get so tired of), or take the desired day trips but end up eating off menus like above.

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