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7/15/13 9:14 P

You should definitely see a doctor, preferably an orthopedic surgeon that specializes in sports medicine.

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7/15/13 10:13 A

Try to get a physical therapist referral after you are diagnosed, if it does turn out to be something like runner's knee.

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7/15/13 7:19 A

Definitely get that checked out so you're not living with an injury that keeps getting aggravated and will take longer to heal the more you use it in running. Hope it feels better soon!

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7/14/13 9:43 P

A good rule of thumb is that if something persists more than a few days, it's probably best to have a doctor check it out!

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7/14/13 9:31 P

I'm realizing that now. I'm new to this so unfortunately I didn't know when a trip to the doctor was needed.

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7/14/13 8:47 P

Yes you should see a fact you should have seen one upon initial injury, as it was sudden and severe, as opposed to a slow buildup of pain.

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7/14/13 8:44 P

Two months ago I started jogging. For a few weeks I was running almost 3 miles nonstop with no problems. One night while I was out, I was a mile and a half into my run when I felt a stretching that got tighter and tighter until I felt a very sharp pain to where I couldn't run. When I walk, it's no problem. I start running, I felt like my knee was going to blow out.

So, I rested it for almost a MONTH. This was hard for me. My dad has experience with knee injuries and advised me to stay off it as much as possible for a while. I thought maybe it was Runner's Knee.

I go out tonight, walk a little over a mile and decide okay, I feel good, I'm gonna go for a light job. 3/4 mile into my jog I feel like my knee is gonna blow out again. Then, like last time, it feels fine when I'm walking. What gives? Should I see a doctor? I'm getting extremely discouraged as I finally found an exercise I enjoy and I can't even do that anymore.

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