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9/11/13 8:44 P

Realize that each decision is a choice. You have the choice. If you cheat, who are you cheating - just yourself, and what sense does that make? I don't make perfect choices every single time, but training yourself to think about the choice each time at least make more of them turn out in a positive way.

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9/8/13 5:57 A

emoticon emoticon 2008 member too! emoticon

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9/7/13 4:35 P

Been on the ups and downs for over a year now
Seem to have lost my desire to lose weight
Lots of great advice given here and will try to apply it
Thank you for asking the question for help
Been enjoying the merry go round too long now
One day at a time
Love Prayers Peace

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9/6/13 10:10 A

Maybe you can turn your 6 year old into your personal fitness coach by doing a brief physical activity with him every day? Get up just 15 minutes earlier and jump-rope together or shoot "baskets" with dirty laundry together, or maybe just do crazy dances to zippy music.

I don't have a coach, so for one portion of my exercise I drive to work just a little early and walk laps around the building, indoors or out. I try to do at least one lap at lunchtime, too.

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9/6/13 7:28 A

Have you gotten "The Spark"? It outline steps to think about and put into wrtting about why you want to lose the weight, what it is that you are trying to achieve and why. Anyway, if you have done that before, maybe you can go back and re-read it. If you have not done that, maybe it is worth a try. Make a collage as a visual aid to remind you why you are trying to become healthy. Have your 6 year old help you with the cut and paste portion. Try journalling for awhile to see what types of excuses you are using when. Maybe you can plan for them and keep yourself on track. Good Luck!

JAM2DREW Posts: 14,218
9/6/13 7:11 A

I have watched some of those weight loss shows as well and it motivates me for a while. And then off I go again. I'll see if I can find those blogs you mentioned.

I used to exercise in the mornings when I had been losing weight and things were a lot different in my life. I have 5 kids, work full time, and have a husband who travels most the year. Four of the kids are teenagers but my youngest is 6 and he wears me out! I already get up at 5:30 and at work by 7:30 so I'm not sure I could get up any earlier.

It seems like it is a mindset and I just can't get my mind wrapped that way right now.

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9/6/13 5:21 A

I too am done at end of day so I get up early in the morning and pop in a walk away the pounds dvd. you can do 1,2 or 3 mile workouts and some incorporate strength training.

9/5/13 5:42 P

I have a feeling that there are many of us on this merry-go-round. Somehow we have to "find a way" to do what it takes to get off and stay off. If Diana Nyad can swim from Cuba to Florida at her age and say "find a way" as she encourages others to never give up on their dreams, then we can reach our weight loss goals.

I have been evaluating my progress and lack of progress on this weight loss journey. My evaluations began after watching a man who weighed over 700 pounds get upset with doctors who offered him weight loss surgery "if" he lost some weight. His weight loss would make the surgery safe. Both the man and his wife got upset with the doctors. The man never lost weight, never got the surgery, and eventually died. I began asking myself if I was willing to do what it takes to get this weight off and keep it off. Then a Sparkpeople email came with a blog from Pinkhope in it. The post was titled "When you don't want to lose weight". It was as if she was telling me what my problem was. I printed out that blog and another one that she wrote titled "Packed for the journey but never leaving the driveway". Both of these post hit home with me.

Now I have to get my mind in the right place to do what it takes for me to lose the weight. The author of a book that I read stated that your values are not in line with what you say you want if you are not doing what it takes to reach your goals. I have been on Sparkpeople for years, lost some weight, gained some weight, but I don't believe that I ever made up my mind to just do it--do what it takes to get the weight off and keep it off. All the resources that I need are available to me--support from Sparkfriends, teams and challenges, meal planning, workouts, and more. So the problem for me has been me. But that means the solution is me.

I am still struggling, but I am not giving up. I hope that everyone who finds themselves on this merry-go-round will make up their minds to "find a way"--a healthy way--to get off and stay off this merry-go-round!! It's definitely time for me to get off.

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9/5/13 1:10 P

Yes, I am feeling the same frustration of the merry-go-round, as I seem to lose 2 and gain 2 over time... However, as I am aging, I know my metabolism is slowing down and it is harder to lose. With that working against me, I have to work twice as hard to stay "even" or at my current weight... I think, "What is the alternative? That I be massively big and cellulite laden?" That helps me try to continue to live a low calorie and healthy lifestyle.

I found that running gave me the biggest changes for the time spent, but I'm just not a runner and can't keep that going for long. I wish I could run - and I tell myself that if I would lose 10 lbs, I could run ... but so far, that's not in the cards... !

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JAM2DREW Posts: 14,218
9/5/13 10:34 A

I agree with small changes. However after 5 years, I think it is too slow. Lol

I have tried tracking everything and even paid for a Spark Coach program thinking the money would make me accountable but yet I continue to fall off and wonder if I can ever really do this. I'm also now 46 and things slow down.

SMILLS9 Posts: 100
9/5/13 9:51 A


So, it isn't just me - what a relief??

I do good for awhile and then I'm off track - and the circle continues...

I tell myself at work, "When I get home I will eat and go for a walk"
but once I cook dinner and do the dishes I'm done..
Open for advise....

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9/5/13 9:32 A

A big part of it is figuring out what you are willing to do long term and permanently. Are you willing to go to the gym 5x a week fforever? If not, start with less. Make changes slowly, one by one. Work on getting good habits more than fast results. It is slower but longer lasting.

In general I'd start with food first, quality and not just calories. Again figure out what you are willing to do long term. After that's off to a good start, think about how to add a little motion or strength into your day, it doesn't have to all be in the gym either.

On the commercial side, Program Yourself Thin works well for the mental aspects. It's helpful but you can do all this wiiithout it too.

Again, key points are slow changes and sustainabbility. Hope this helps.

JAM2DREW Posts: 14,218
9/5/13 7:22 A

Yes I know what you mean about getting derailed by life. I can't seem to get up in the mornings to exercise and often in the evenings other activities or unexpected events come up. I can't always get a walk in at lunch either. I usually do well with eating at work but at home is sometimes a different story.

9/4/13 6:59 P

Don't feel like you are alone, I am in the same boat. I've been a member since 2010 and I seem to be on a perpetual merry-go-round too. I have a really hard time staying motivated and if I have problems in the real world they seem to derail me. I would love to hear the replies to this thread because I could use the advice.

JAM2DREW Posts: 14,218
9/4/13 6:24 P

I have been a Spark member since 2008. I have lost weight and I have gained it. Right now, I'm pretty much where I was when I started. Have I learned things and made improvements? Yes. I drink more water, I try to track my food and calories, I have made food changes. However, I seem to be on a perpetual merry-go-round that I can't get off.

I have joined team challenges, Spark Coach, etc. in an effort to be more accountable and permanently lose the weight. I'll be good for a while and then I slide back down and start overeating, over drinking, and not exercising. It seems like this is all will power and I don't seem to have it right now. I would love any suggestions.

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