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9/20/12 2:31 A

Ew gross! No, don't go eating a big spoonful of butter. What a waste of pointless empty calories!

If you're feeling okay about having a snack, sure, have something else. A healthy choice, not a spoonful of butter! :)

But if you don't feel like eating then don't. It takes months of habitually under-eating to affect your metabolism, not just one day.

Just plan to make sure this doesn't become a habit. :)

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9/19/12 9:29 P

That is so awesome

AM_MORRIS87 Posts: 1,665
9/19/12 9:21 P

If you're hungry, go ahead and eat something. But if not, don't force yourself to eat something just to satisfy your calorie requirements. It's okay if you're under your calories once in a while, but definitely don't make a habit of it. :)

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9/19/12 9:14 P

If you are not hungry do not force yourself but make a commitment to be on track tomorrow and focus on reaching your goals. Some days we will fall short and some days we will go over. Don't beat yourself up for it. If you are hungry have a piece of chicken and some veggies and it will at least bump you over 1,000

9/19/12 9:10 P

i only ate 845 calories today because i was running around, do i just leave it at that or do i try and make up some of the calories tonight?

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