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I would make sure to keep some good foods around to avoid not eating all day. That's not a good way to lose weight. You can pack a sandwich and some veggies, maybe hardboiled eggs, even peanut butter and crackers. Any of those with some baby carrots, and maybe a piece of fruit would be a good start. I have found that it has taken me a good bit of time to find what I liked and what worked for me to have success.

I cook egg whites, put it on an English muffin with a slice of tomato and some cheese. I'll make 3 or 4 at a time, wrap in plastic and refrigerate. In the morning I heat it in the microwave.

You can make casseroles and freeze them or use a crock pot to make dinner easier.

I find I feel better and am more alert when I exercise. Some days it may only be walking in place for 20 to 40 minutes, but I can do it when I'm on the phone or if I watch a program on TV and putting the info in my tracker is motivation for the next day.

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You have to seriously make time. I also work desk job. I simply have will power to say "no" to the donuts and cake , I keep healthy snacks. I set my cell to ring every half hour, to get up. I use my 2- 15min breaks to walk , while in office . I car pool, when I arrive I walk around school, while waiting. Use the bleachers up and down. I go to Zumba classes while I throw a load of wash and kids do homework. I wake up extra early to powerwalk. I joined bootcamp classes once a week, on that day ,kids have to help extra. I have learned to make time, and stop making excuses. The weight would not come off, until started moving. I wear my pedometer everyday. I use my kids WII to dance. Somedays I can workout a few hours, some days just 45min, and when I have a real hectic week, I get at least get 10 min. And 10min is better than 0 min!! :} People say "Wow are are soo busy, how do you do it".. I say, "I have to make time & balance everything". You only have one body, take care of it, for No one is going to take care of it but you. Good Luck

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Join a team! There are tons and tons of teams on here who can help keep you motivated! And people aren't here to hurt you, only to help. It can be hard to get others on the bandwagon of support if they're not used to it.

I have a 19 month old, and I wish I could say you'd get more time to yourself, but you really don't, haha. I also have a desk job. So what do I do? I keep a 1/4 cup, 1 tablespoon, and 1/2 tablespoon measuring cups/spoons in my desk drawer. I measure everything I eat that isn't prepackaged (and if it is, I put it in my tracker). Then at lunch, I go for a walk. We don't have a gym like some companies, so I head to the neighborhood behind the office and walk. It's a great way to destress, get away from the office, AND get some healthy exercise in. (I also do squats in the bathroom. Ssshh, don't tell!)

Start small. Track everything you eat so you know where you are. Then make small changes: a freggie at every meal, or not going back for a second helping, or getting your 8 cups of water in before you have any other beverages. Make it sustainable, and you'll rock this!

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Hey everyone -

Soooo, here's my story......I've always been a bigger girl - my whole life. At my thinnest, I was still a size 12. To get there, it took at least two or three daily hours of exercising, and then some intense hiking on one weekend day. It also took 6 months of temporary vegetarianism and me being SUPER conscious about everything that I ate. And even then, even when I was in terrific shape, I still carried a good deal of fat around with me - always have.

When I met my husband, the two of us ended up going down a long dark spiral of weight gain. Constantly eating out, and then spending time together instead of time exercising, among a million other bad little habits, has landed us both at the heaviest weight we've ever been at in our entire lives. And in May I gave birth to our son.

While I was very good about weight gain, and lost all the "baby weight" in the first 4 weeks after giving birth, about half of it came right back on once I started eating normally. Or should I say, the way that I had prior to the last few weeks before and after birth.

While some days I have this fierce motivation to really buckle down and get healthy, a lot of times my life is still this terrible combination of eating lots because I sit at a desk job all day, eating comfort food because that's what I want and crave, and getting almost no exercise. Sometimes I work right through lunch and when I get home at night, just taking care of house and home and my family seems to drain everything from me - I often just want a couple of hours to decompress before dragging my feet off to bed.

I'm in a terrible rut, and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what a good way would be to get out of it. I don't really have many people around who are able to hold me accountable without being too lax or WAY too harsh - to the point that I feel worse about myself.

It seems to me that this terrible mix of lack of time and motivation is going to keep me getting bigger, not smaller. :(

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