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4/18/13 1:11 P

Well as a child I has many food allergies so I also only ate a handful of things. I will have to try the juices and smoothies at a later time because I don't own anything to make them with.

I will find something, I did it once before so I know I can do it again.

Thanks for the reply!

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4/18/13 12:57 P

Have you tried making smoothies or juices? At least with the smoothies you can load it up with veggies, put in peanut butter or if you do the dairy thing- yogurt- add some nice sweet fruits which really cover up the veggie taste. It's worth a try

No one was as picky as i was three years ago. i can count on my 10 fingers what i would eat and veggies were a slim picking-- carrots, cauliflower, celery, and maybe some lettuce. Fruits were apples and maybe the occassional banana. meat was chicken, maybe some steak and a piece of fish during lent and then potatoes or pasta (ok maybe 11 things).
I wasn't creative at all.

Then I met my chiro who introduced me to his friend. When I found out who this friend was, I knew Hell had frozen over. She was a Raw Food Chef and Educator. But i knew that my health was horrible. I was tired all the time. I had no energy. i was gaining weight faster than a locomotive. So I swallowed my gag reflex and jumped in with both feet.

I, in no means, am telling you to go raw. But you can't get healthy if you are such a picky eater. there is no way you can get all your nutrients. My story is just to show that even the pickiest eater in the universe can change.

I found a reason stronger than my dislike for veggies not to try them. Now the only things i won't touch are mushrooms, okra, and brussel sprouts.

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4/18/13 11:55 A

I'm with you. I am SUPER picky. I am that weird girl who doesn't eat condiments, dressing or sauces. It is easier to list the veggies I eat than the ones I don't. The list can fit on one hand. I was also raised on VERY fresh fish so the stuff you see at the store just doesn't taste right.

PLUS, on top of all that if it is up to me I will eat poorly at each chance. I am WAY better off with pre prepared food BUT then I deal with hating most of my choices.

Right now I am down to eating the same 5 meals. I've heard that is very bad for me?

I guess what I'm saying is HELP, as well!

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3/7/13 5:13 P

to some degree the only way is to keep trying. that being said, it's fine to accept that some things you just won't ever like. cottage cheese easily makes my "will never, ever eat it" list, though someone actually made lasagna and pureed the cottage cheese, mixed it with herbs and used it as the white layer and i found it tasty. but plain and cold is never going to happen. so i have greek yogurt or cheese instead because i like those foods.
so make a list of the veggies you do like. focus on having those that you do like, but also try new veggies based on what you do like. in other words, if you like carrots or potatoes, try parsnips. prepare the new veggie the same way that you do the old one [ie a preparation you already like]. if you don't like something, focus on what you don't like about it. i hate the texture of onions, celery, garlic, peppers and other things that are of that ilk. so when i use them, i mince them and nearly caramelize them before i put them in dishes [like pot pies, shepard's pies, soup, stews, chilis, casseroles, etc] so that i get the taste, but with the rice/lentil/pasta/potato/all-the-other-stu
ff going on in those kinds of mixed dishes i don't get the texture i don't like. i don't like greens cooked with garlic, but if i chop them small and mix them into mashed potatoes or a stew i enjoy them. find your ways to manage this based on what issues you have with which foods.
i'll also say that starting small is helpful. if you don't like kale, trying to make yourself eat a cup of it will not endear you to kale. but you could probably manage a bite of kale, right? that's the sort of thing you have to do. if you don't like zucchini, buy a single zucchini , not a package. pick four different preparations for that single zucchini [normally i'd say two raw and two cooked, but if you hate raw, pick four different things to put the zucchini in] and space it out over a few days. so one day you might chop up 1/4 of the zucchini and toss it into your mac and cheese. the next day you might grate up 1/4 of the zuke into meatloaf. day three makes the next quarter in a stirfry. and the final quarter could be roasted with a roast or sliced thin and made into chips. again, if you don't like it, focus on what you don't like so you can find a way to minimize the bit you don't like. odds are you will be able to find a few ways that you generally like [mine is mashed potatoes] that are easy ways to introduce new veggies. and remember that when you start, don't make/add more than you can eat in a bite or two. the point is to introduce it, not to make you hate it. if you love it, you can always make more. but this way you don't get stuck eating something you don't much like.

and the salad idea is great. check out any vegetarian cookbook from your library. in addition to green salads, you'll find a ton of grain based salads. grain based salads tend to be cooked grains [which you can leave out if you so desire], cooked veggies and seasoning or flavoring of some sort. some are served cold, some are served hot, but that kind of recipe is what you should be looking for if you like cooked veggies.

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3/7/13 10:15 A

You can connect with others who also struggle to find foods they enjoy through some picky eater Spark teams.

You might also find some of the comments in this blog helpful as well.

Poll: Are You a Picky Eater?

Coach Tanya

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3/6/13 8:35 P

have you thought about trying a cold roast vegetable salad? With some sesame seeds and a Balsamic vinaigrette, you may find it quite "delish." That makes a great lunch, too. If you like feta, you could crumble a bit over.

You can puree cooked veges into casseroles. I have often cooked heaps of veges (and lentils included) when making casseroles, and pureed the veges, adding them to the meat dish. Those who don't like veges, don't generally seem to mind them that way.

Making veges soups and pureeing them is also another great way of eating them. I often make them, and will either do an "Italian style" one with tomatoes, basil etc., or a "Mexican" themed one with chillies etc. Then again I might go with a curry theme. It is amazing the various veges that you might not mind eating by doing this, and they make great lunches, too.

Apart from that, make a list of the fruit/veges you DO like or don't mind eating, and work on them. Try to make it a rainbow of colour, tho'!

Good luck,

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3/6/13 8:33 P

I really wish I could offer you some advice, but I am picky too. You can look at my nutrition and see how crappy I If you figure anything out, lemme know :)

3/6/13 8:26 P

Can anyone help me? I am an extremely picky eater and I actually hate that. I can't stand any raw vegetables and most of the cooked vegetables I do like are the fatty ones. If you look at the menus they are loaded full of either raw vegetables or peppers, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. or it has things like cottage cheese again all things I don't like. I have tried to force myself to like these foods and if I can manage to get them down I get tired of eating things that don't taste good to me. My husband has tried to sneak certain vegetables into different dishes he makes and with one bite I can tell he has done something and my gag reflexes kick in. Since I do like some vegetables I will grill them in the evenings for dinner but my biggest problem is lunch and snacks. I can't go and cook vegetables and I don't like raw ones so what is something easy and healthy that I can eat without going over on my calories?

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